5 Cheap and Easy Easter DIY Decor Items

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Easter is one of the most cheerful holidays, especially for the kids. I got into the tradition of decorating the house with my kids every year to make it more festive.

That’s how I am always looking for budget-friendly DIY Easter decorations that are easy to make. Crafting these items with the kids is so much fun.

If you are looking for quick decorating ideas for Easter, here are some items I found that are simple and easy to make.

1. Egg Carton Wreath

You can make this simple piece in less than a day, especially if the kids are helping. You will need a common paper egg carton to make this wreath.

You will need paint or dye as well to complete the decoration. Start by cutting individual egg cups from the carton. Use scissors; it’s faster and more accurate.

Aside from egg cups, you can also make flowers and leaves from the carton or paper. Have fun with it and let your creativity show.

Paint or dye the cups with your preferred colours. It’s better to use more than one colour, especially if the wreath will be your centrepiece.

Attach the craft paper leaves and the egg cups to the craft ring with hot glue. Ensure you paint the craft ring to make the wreath beautiful.

2. Sparked Eggs Garland

Make this garland if you want an Easter decorative piece that will last for years. However, it’s going to be a little bit of creative work.

The first thing you need to do is make paper-mâché eggs. If you are not familiar with it, it’s a mixture of paper, water and flour or paper and glue.

When the craft eggs dry, they will become very hard. Poke holes on each end of the eggs using an awl. Try to be accurate with the holes and careful not to destroy the eggs.

Once you have the holes, paint the eggs whichever colour you want. However, don’t go overboard with the colours; three colours might be enough for the whole garland.

If you are using acrylic paint, leave the eggs to dry before threading twine through the holes. You can hang the garland where you want after you are done.

3. Dyed Cotton Basket

This is the simplest thing to do when you have a cotton basket lying around somewhere in the house. Dying the basket will transform it and make it look new again.

Dip the top quarter of the basket into fabric dye. Pick a colour you want, but try to match it with the Easter colours you already have in the house.

Leave the basket to dry and fill it with Easter candy or eggs for the kids. Display it somewhere people can see.

4. Bunny Wreath

This is one item the kids will enjoy making. Craft a wreath ring first because it will help you decide how many pom-poms you will have to buy.

But if you have the materials or a worn-out piece of fabric, you can make the pom-poms in the house instead of buying them. Use only white pom-poms if you want the classic bunny wreath.

Attach the pom-poms to the craft ring using hot glue. Use a pink and white felt to cut bunny ears and attach them at the top of the wreath.

This piece should go on the front door or at the focal point in the house. You can use the same decoration for the next Easter holiday when you do it right.

5. Easter Egg Tree

You will need a very heavy vase and sturdy branches. You also need to craft some Easter eggs before you start making the decoration.

You can look for tree branches outside, just small pieces that can fit into a small vase. If it’s one branch, ensure it has extra branches on the side you can use to attach the Easter eggs.

You can also use real eggs, but that will need even stronger branches. Attach a thin ribbon to each egg with glue and leave them to dry.

Ensure the eggs are secure before you tie the ribbon onto the tree branches. The eggs will look beautiful suspended on the tree.

But this is a delicate decoration; keep it somewhere where it’s less prone to accidents, especially if you are using real eggs.


If you are looking for simple, easy-to-make, frugal Easter decoration ideas, here are five of them.

  1. Egg carton wreath
  2. Sparked eggs garland
  3. Dyed cotton basket
  4. Bunny wreath
  5. Easter egg tree