How to Make a Rustic Modern Bed

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Modern rustic beds are hands down some of the classiest beds ever. Of course, there are plenty of already-made rustic beds in the market.

But if you love crafting and DIY as I do, you can make the bed yourself. You can save the cost, especially if you find durable lumber at good prices.

You can make the bed with a day’s work if you have a guide. If you want a challenge, follow these instructions and make a rustic modern bed.

Step 1

The first thing you need to figure out is whether you want the bed to be ripped or not. You can make it with or without legs; you have to decide so that you know which materials to buy.

I will teach you how to make a rustic bed with legs. You don’t have to buy everything new; you can use leftover lumber from other projects.

You should start by making the legs once you have collected all the materials. The headboard legs are a little taller than the footboard legs.

Measuring is critical; everything has to come together perfectly to avoid issues with the bed in the future. Attach the leg pieces using wood glue and clamp the boards together until they are dry.

Before moving on, sand any rough parts visible on the legs after drying. The wood glue might create uneven edges that need smoothening.

Step 2

When you leave the bed legs to dry, you should start working on other parts. You can try making the rails or the bed frames first.

Build two sides of the bed by attaching two wood pieces. One of the pieces should be horizontal and another one vertical.

If you have a picture, you will notice the alignment of these two pieces. One sits on top of the other, and you can use glue to make them stick.

Do not forget to drill holes on the rails to help you attach the footboard and headboard in later steps. Correct any imperfections on the wood pieces after you are done.

Step 3

The next step is making the footboard. Measure the pieces according to the bed size you want and assemble them to make the footboard.

Once you make the footboard add pocket holes and attach the board to the two rails. Use pocket holes screws, and wood glue to ensure the bed frame is firm.

It should start looking like a bed at this point because the main things remaining are the legs and the headboard. Some people stain the pieces once they are all attached.

However, you can avoid staining or painting if you want the rustic look in your bedroom.

It’s time to attach the legs you made on the first step. Use the pocket holes screws to stick the legs under the footboard.

Step 4

Start making the headboard by attaching planks with pocket hole screws. There are so many headboard designs to pick from, but I prefer the simple collection of planks.

Assembling the headboard might take you a while, especially when making a big bed. You can attach extra pieces of wood at the back of the headboard for extra support.

The support pieces are not a must, but they make the bed sturdier. You should do everything possible to make your creation last as long as possible.

Trim the headboard and make adjustments where necessary before you complete the bed frame. Attach the headboard the same you attached all the other pieces.

Remember to attach the headboard to the legs. Do it before you make the complete bed frame.

Step 5

When all your pieces are finally together, it’s time for slats. You can complete a DIY bed without slats to support the mattress and hold everything together.

Do not use wood glue to attach runners and slats to the bed. You should be able to disassemble the bed and move it I need be.

That’s why you should only use screws. You should have the slats ready at all times so that you won’t have to waste time while adding the finishing touches.

You should have at least two runners from the foot to the headboard and several pieces that cut across the bed. I am sure you know what slats look like.

There are already-made slats to fit all bed sizes. Buying on for this DIY project will make things very easy.

Once you attach the slats, your bed will be complete and ready for use.


Making a bed is probably one of the biggest DIY projects you will ever do. Ensure you do it right by following these steps so that you can boast about it for a long time.