How To Make a Simple Festive Entrance to Your Home

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The festive season is probably my most favorite time of the year. Celebrating Christmas and New Year with my family and friends has always had a very special place in my heart.

Since I was young, I would look forward to this season. But since it does not last long, I still recall how frustrated I would be when the festivities would be behind us. 

Even so, how fast this time passes only encourages me to make the most out of the limited duration I have with my loved ones.

I do not know whether you resonate with this but, one of the elements that usher in the festive mood is the home decorations.

This is the only justifiable excuse that I use so that I can decorate the house a month before the festivities begin. 

It is worth noting that I do these decorations myself and I enjoy every bit of it. I am accustomed to do-it-yourself projects that involve repairing and embellishing the house.

Nowadays it is even more fun doing it with my two lovely children. It is through crafts such as festive decorations that they express themselves. As such, we try to keep the decorations simple.

A Simple Festive Entrance

Keeping in mind that during the festivities this is a time to share joy and warmth, I ensure that the entrance to my home looks welcoming.

It is right at my door that you will begin feeling the festive season. You then find more decorations inside the home, that will keep the spirit going.

I should mention that I am not entirely skilled in festive decorations and neither are my children. 

We, therefore, avoid complex decorations that can easily go wrong and end up looking like a mess instead of adornment.

Luckily, there are numerous simple ways to embellish the entrance to a home, especially a door. Here are some of the easy ways that you can maneuver embellishing the entrance to your home and still make it undeniably elegant:

1. Hang Santa’s stockings

Even though stockings are conventionally used as a decoration in interior spaces, there is no harm in hanging a pair on the door. Just ensure that they are shielded from snow and rain. When soaked or dripping, the stockings will no longer have anything festive about them.

2. Make use of hanging pots

If your home has a foyer, this would be an ideal place to hang pots filled with branches of fir, Christmas balls and maybe add some lights.

3. Use loops and Christmas lights 

Especially the columns outside your door, cover them with these lights and garlands. Alternatively, these decorations can be wrapped around the door’s frame.

4. Hang letters and signs

You can spell out words such as “Welcome”, “Joy” or “Happy Holidays” using readily available materials in the house.

The letters can be cut out and hung on the door in a captivating pattern. The letters can be in white, green, and red, which are the dominant festive colors.

5. Use a wreath

An advantage of using a wreath is that you can make it yourself instead of buying one from the store. You can also use multiple wreaths and perhaps place them in different locations.

One can be on the door and others on the windows close to the door. For uniformity, place them along with the same height.

6. Use figures like Santa and a snowman

Maybe using paper, glue, and some other items, you can try to create figures related to the festivities such as a snowman and Santa.

You can then place them right outside your door. While creating them, ensure that these figures look pleasant and have smiles on their faces.

7. Utilize window sills

The entrance to your home may have both the door and windows visible. Therefore, you can always create simple sills using cuttings and features such as tinsel, then place them on the windows. Such an embellishment can also be used on the mailbox.

8. Hang paper or plastic snowflakes

Snowflakes assume different shapes and patterns, all of which are quite intriguing. You can create these designs and hang them outside the door using strings. Another idea is to stick the snowflakes on the door and windows.

9. Place pine trees on either side of the door

You probably have a fully decorated Christmas tree in the house. So, you can opt only to use minimal decoration on the pine trees outside the door. Decorating these pine trees with lights should be enough.

10. Use ribbons

You can buy white, green, and red ribbons and turn them into bows. These bows can be stuck on the door in a pattern. You can also decide to make a single giant bow and place it at the center of the door.

Depending on your preference, one of the above ideas can be utilized if you are looking for a simple and personalized way of decorating your home’s entrance.

Even though you plan to be away during the festivities, seeing the entrance decoration when you get back, will place a warm smile on your face.