10 stairwell collage designs

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People tend to decorate most parts of their homes including the bedroom, the kitchen, living room, and most other rooms but keep on forgetting about the stairs.

This is usually the first spot a visitor captures when entering your home and as a result, you’ll want to decorate the area to be as beautiful and eye-catching as possible.

The stair at your home is an important area that needs the same attention as the other rooms whether you are just decorating for your pleasure or to give a nice welcoming to the visitors.

Take your time in decorating your stairs using these few ideas in the article.

1. Inviting ornaments and seating arrangements

Adding a seat on the wall side makes the area attractive and a bit cozy from the entrance.

You are also encouraged to add vintage ornaments to the top corner of the stairs making it unique and classy at the same time.

Doing these will invite brightness to bring the area back to life.

2. Display a large piece of art

Stairs provide blank spaces where you are allowed to place large art designs and this is among the best options stairs provide.

Due to large sizes of arts, many free spaces at home are not suitable with many of them having small spaces to be occupied.

The stairs allow you to hang the large art on any side of your choice opening up the whole area making the place look more spaced and big.

Arts make huge impacts mostly on interior designs making it look beautiful and mostly adding topics to most conversations.

The pick of your art depends entirely on your personality and style but if you’d like a classy and dramatic look, a white and black design will perfectly suit you.

3. Design a neutral colour

Always use colors that suit your interest without having doubts. Mixing the colors to bond is yet another task, try using the bold colors first to create a stylish statement but also match up the color schemes to come up with a unified look.

The trick is finding colors that can easily neutralize each other to create amazing art.

4. Have some Lighting

Installing proper lights around staircases not only brings out the brightness and beauty of the art but also ensures safety measures as stairs accidents are increasingly on the rise.

In addition, lightings are a beautiful home decoration component full of positivity immediately you step on them.

You are advised to also add step lights on the staircase walls and also lamps on both the bottom and top to introduce a warm and lovely effect on the stairs.

5. Use customized prints

Gallery for walls is trending massively it offers a perfect and beautiful way to decorate your staircase.

Buy a collection of different but customized prints and fill them on the walls. The secret of wanting your favorite art to be more attractive visually is very simple, position all the prints at the same height above the stairs.

This makes the pictures look more even bringing out their best quality to showcase.

6. Have a mirror

When talking about mirrors on staircases, they play a huge impact in the decoration project. Mirrors make spaces look prominent and bright.

Use a very simple and small design for mirrors if you don’t prefer a shouting design but if you have ideas on a trendy and jazzy look, select large designed mirrors that produce the best reflection of light on the walls.

7. Wooden Shelves included

For those in love with traveling and collecting treasure every place they go, then shelves on the staircase walls are the best place to display your collections.

The shelves on wall design are rare to find as many people find it not necessary. Here, you can place most of your items including books, ornaments, wine bottles, or even glasses.

These designs reflect what kind of personality you have with it glamming up your house. Don’t forget to place the shelves in a straight line from the stairs when mounting them.

8. A place to store plants

By introducing plants in your staircase brings out the greenery. Keep the small pots and fill them with indoor flowers.

Make sure the pots are outside the stairs on every step to make the vegetation more impressive.

Another option is hanging jute ropes on a few of the plants and then adding a succulent to the plants. The plants will bring out positivity and freshness as they complement your decorations.

9. Place a rug on the stairs

Start by adding elements with attractive colors on rugs (see: 3 Best Farmhouse Rug Reviews) and make your stairs not so boring . Apart from this, rugs also provide warmth and a cushion effect on the stairs. Since rugs are of different types, just pick one that suits you best.

10. Shabby Chic Stairwell

The shabby rustic and raw staircase always has a brilliant look when arranged properly. Have plenty of arts and wood boards and signs and then hang your favorite vintage arts with many do-it-yourself wall art projects.

In conclusion

Wall decorations on staircases give the user a chance to display his taste and style by decorating his own house.

Whether your theme is bright or dull, the decorations make a difference in the overall decoration. Remember the few ideas mentioned above to help you have perfect decoration.

The ideas include;

  • Having seating arrangements on the side of the walls brings out the idea and unique beauty.
  • Display large arts on the wall spaces that make an impact on the interior designs.
  • Set up lights on the staircase for safety measures.
  • Using customized prints with the secret of it being more visually attractive is placing in line with the stairs.
  • Having mirrors on the walls reflect light rays on the stairs making them more beautiful.
  • Also, shelves are a good place to display your treasures or even items like books.
  • You can also store plants to bring out the freshness and greenery in your home.
  • Finally, have a rag at the bottom of the stairs to be more attractive.