How To Style A Room

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The process of styling a room may seem daunting, but it is easier than you think. You can design a space to make it appealing to you and your family in terms of functionality and form.

No matter which design you like using the guide below you will get to style your room according to your liking.

We have prepared some tips to help you style a room in the home.

1. Floor to Ceiling Curtains

One of the secrets of improving the look of any room is by hanging curtains from the top of the wall. Do this even if your window does not reach that high.

By having your curtains from the highest point, you will draw attention to the height of the wall. Have your curtains in an eye-catching shade to draw more attention to them.

When choosing the curtains it is important to pay attention to the colours of the curtains. You don’t want to mix so many colours which would clash.

2. Crown Moulding

Making your room look stylish lies in the details. Crown moulding will make your room look finished or complete as it brings the walls and ceiling together, producing an elegant appearance.

Crown moulding is inexpensive, more so the plastic paintable versions, making it affordable even when on a budget. It is available in various widths; however, go for the broadest trim you can afford for maximum impact.

You can combine different types of moulding such as ceiling medallions, ceiling beams, crown, columns, high baseboard etc., for ultimate glamour.

3. Colour Blocking

This is an ongoing trend. It is not easy to have one colour in an entire room, although it can produce excellent results.

A fantastic way to start is to match your paint colour to a piece of furniture.

The secret to making colour blocking work is to incorporate complementary colours or patterns to produce a magnificent display.

4. Paint

Choosing the colour to paint a room is among the most challenging things to do when decorating a room. But, if you are after elegance, you can choose particular colours that instantly add glamour to the home.

You can choose either of these two options, soft, understated hues or bold and dramatic colours. These options add instant style to your home; choose one that suits your colour personality and colour that suits the design in your house.

Another excellent idea is to paint the interior doors black. This creates an expensive appearance without hurting your budget. If you go for this option, incorporate some black accessories to the room to tie the overall design.

5. Include Fresh Flowers

As you may have seen from photographic house tours, among the central skills of a good interior designer is to create excellent vignettes. One of the most fundamental aspects of this skill is incorporating fresh flowers in the room.

It would be best not to underestimate the impact of something as simple as placing flowers in a room. Flowers bring out the natural element in every space to make it refreshing.

Flowers add an extra layer of colour to brighten a room or compliment other colours in the room to pull everything together.

6. Add Pillows for Comfort and Elegance

Pillows serve two purposes in the home. Firstly, they can add to a room’s elegance if appropriately chosen. Secondly, they provide comfort for you and your family while on the couch.

Comfort is assured if you choose soft and large enough pillows. Avoid the average 12 to 18-inch throw pillows. Choose something different, like a 22-inch pillow cover full of 24-inch inserts.

Giant, overstuffed throw pillows create a luxurious and elegant appearance without holding back on the pillow inserts.

7. Get Unique Hardware Finishes

Please do not go for the inexpensive ones for hardware finishes as they are cheap-looking and of poor quality. Spend a little more and get elegant hardware pieces.

The best places to obtain them are antique shops, flea markets, and smaller hardware stores. You will find heavy-duty and expensive-looking drawer pulls and knobs at affordable prices to give your home a unique and elegant look.

Final Take

Making your home look stylish should not stress you. Simple things like placing fresh flowers in the room or painting with a colour that brings out your personality can significantly transform a space.

Changing the style of your room should not be expensive. Go for elegant and unique pieces rather than going for expensive and pieces especially if you are on a limited budget.

Use what you have or what you can afford to realize this transformation.

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