What Baseboard Styles Are There?

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A baseboard is a wooden board that normally covers the base of a wall.

Baseboards are useful since they add an aesthetic appearance to your home.

The importance of installing baseboards is to cover the joints between walls and floor, hide imperfections, protect your home and stop dirt from getting into surface wall gaps.

To get a better design of your rooms, you must learn the different baseboards styles available.

Different baseboard styles apply to various situations in case you are renovating or even building a home.

Of late, there are many baseboard styles and choosing a style for your home is a daunting task.

Before deciding on the right baseboard style to select for your home, you should read through this blog and find some recommendations.

There are many types of baseboard styles, and some of them are discussed below.

5 Types of Baseboard Style

1. Colonial baseboard
To bring character to your room’s design, you should consider the colonial baseboard design.

The material used for colonial baseboard design is wood, and the outcome will be classical.

Also, the design uses many decorative elements to improve the character of your house.

A lot of natural colours are used for the colonial style to be complete.

The colonial baseboard design is a vibe, and it will bring comfort and warmth to your house.

You should put this design on your list if you need to install a baseboard in your home.

2. Modern baseboard
If you love adventures, then you should try the modern baseboard design.

Usually, this design of the baseboard uses neutral colours and focuses on the general outlook.

Thus, the colour of the baseboard matches that of the walls.

You will find various modern baseboard designs of late, and you should consider installing a stylish design for your house. It is possible to make the baseboards modern so that it matches the style of your house.

Also, you should ensure you select a baseboard material that will be durable.

3. Craftsman baseboard style
Arts and crafts rouse the craftsman baseboard style.

As the title suggests, the craftsman works on the materials you have provided and uses creativity to make baseboards.

Even though the craftsman baseboard style might look simple, it is durable and a work of art that you should consider.

4. Flat baseboard: One of the simplest and traditional baseboards you can easily get is the flat baseboard style (see also the PVC baseboard style here).

The style suits any interior design.

Besides, you can select plain baseboard style if you prefer not to stuff your house with many different colours.

Normally, the height for the flat baseboard is 3.5 inches to 4.5 inches. Taller styles of the baseboard are available but less used.

Of late, you’ll notice flat baseboards in many modern houses due to their simplicity.

Also, the flat baseboard suits any design and can hardly go wrong.

5. Farmhouse baseboard style
The style is mostly used if the house is designed using wood.

Usually, the farmhouse style is suitable if you need the house to look informal.

Different vibrant colours are used to fit the colour of your house.

The farmhouse baseboard style is inexpensive and can transform any house to be modern.

The overall outlook of the farmhouse baseboard style is similar to the craftsman style.

The farmhouse baseboard trim will transform your house to be an amazing place to live in.

So What Types of Baseboard Styles Are There?

The 5 types of baseboard styles are…

  1. Colonial Baseboard
  2. Flat Baseboard
  3. Craftsman
  4. Modern Baseboard
  5. Farmhouse

Baseboards are useful, especially in adding the overall appearance of your house.

There are many baseboard styles such as colonial baseboard, modern baseboard, craftsman baseboard style, flat baseboard style and farmhouse baseboard style.

Even though the baseboards styles are different, they will add character to your house.