What Colour Is Behr Natural Gray?

There are numerous shades of grey existing, telling them apart can be a sport.

But in this post I explain exactly what color Behr Natural Gray is so you can use the right shade for your DIY painting.

Natural grey is a neutral warm color with more character than white and more reserved than black.

It is easy to blend it with other décor items with a bit of color.

The Behr Natura Gray Color looks spectacular on walls, ceilings, furniture, stair rails, and décor items.

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Buying Behr Natural gray paint

For you to buy the amount you need there is a coverage calculate Behr offer.

You specify the size of your room if you want to paint wall.

Indicate the length and widths and the number of doors and windows. Include extra coverage like the ceiling.

It is a great tool to estimate the amount you will buy to avoid purchasing less or more than you need.

You can also calculate exterior coverage like, garage doors and windows.

What are its components?

Behr natural gray has the values of 195, 192, 188 with a HEX code of #C3C0BC.

It has A Light Reflectance value of 52.77. This is the percentage of light it reflects.

On the color wheel, it has a hue angle of 72.25 and chroma of 2.38. Chroma is the intensity the natural gray Behr paint has.

The Behr natural gray color is high quality and will not require you to use a primer during your painting projects.

Being a neutral color it blends well with your other decorations.

It adds elegance and sophistication to the room.

What colors blend well with Behr natural gray?

Another tough choice in picking paint is choosing the right colors to go with everything.

Behr Natural Gray is neutral so it can go well with different colors.

Lucky for you, Behr provide the paint in a sample size so you can try it out before buying more to complete a project.

Since you have your neutral natural gray tone, you need to match it with complementary colors. These include:

Cool green hues

These can be light olive, a soft turquoise, or a rich nature green which is relaxing but not bright.

The deep and light greens match with the cool nature of natural gray.

Light pink

If you want a more feminine touch to your room, why not use light pink for some décor items like throw pillows.

You can also paint one wall light pink and the rest natural gray.

This pink and natural gray blend offers an interesting contrasted visual you will not get tired of for a long time.

Black and white

Achieve the ultimate triple contrast by painting your walls natural gray.

Paint the furniture black and white to create a classic space without overthinking the patterns of paint.

To warm up the area, add a few browns, or chocolate or their variations.


In need of a bright and airy looking room? Why not combine white with natural gray in your DIY projects.

Think of a white television stand against a grey wall.

Advantages of this paint

  • Durable
  • Stain blocking
  • Easy to clean
  • Mild dew resistant
  • Protective
  • Does not fade

Enjoy Painting With Behr Natural Gray

You are now quipped with the armor you need to pick the right amount of Behr natural gray paint and the colors which blend well with it for your next projects.

keep in mind, cool colors blend with cool shades and lighter shades of normally bright colors create an elegant contrast with neutral colors such as natural grey.