What Does Full Drill Mean In Diamond Painting?

In diamond painting, you do not paint the specific colours in the allocated spaces, but fill the diamond painting canvas with round or square diamond drills.

Having hints of the spots to place your pieces engages you and enables you complete the canvas, making it a more hands-on kind of art.

The colours of the diamond pieces are coordinated with the those of the threads, the result of repetitively putting them together is a mollifying piece of art.

This article will explain what is full and partial drill in diamond painting.

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What are Drills In Diamond Painting?

Drills in diamond painting refer to the diamonds applied to the painting to enhance its shine and give it colour.

When applying drills, you should trail a pre-printed model on the canvas, pushing drills corresponding to the colour codes on the canvas into the adhesive.

There are two types of drills in diamond painting; square drills and round drills.

Round drills have a circular shape, whereas the edges of square drills are flat.

Therefore, square drills are capable of creating a mosaic art since the edges can fit seamlessly unlike round drills.

You can choose to alternate both square and round drills in your project, or choose a specific one to stick to.

What Is Full Drill In Diamond Painting?

Full drill diamond painting means that the entire canvas has space allocated for diamond drills.

The aftermath of a full drill painting leaves no part of the canvas exposed because everything looks alike with similar sparkle.

Thus, a full drill kit is more complex and demands more time compared to a partial drill kit. Full drills are shinier and provide a more complete picture without empty spaces.

What Is Partial Drill In Diamond Painting?

Partial drills are only covered by diamonds in part.

Partial drills can be used to accentuate a section of the painting by filling drills on the part you wish to emphasize.

The other part without diamond beads often serves as the background of the painting.

Therefore, partial drills are good for personalized images that can be transformed into background canvases for diamond painting, they require less time and are less demanding.

Full Drill vs Partial Drill

The difference between full and partial drill is not the type of drill used, but the area of the canvas covered by diamonds.

The nature of full drill paintings makes them more demanding hence partial drills are recommended for beginners for their simplicity.

It is possible to achieve both full drill or partial drill with either square or round drills.