Where To Buy Blank Farmhouse Signs

Farmhouse style has gained popularity over the past few years, with most people adopting this new style.

Initially, having kitchen walls with bricks, barn lights, and wallpaper borders with pictures of domestic animals plus kitchen cabinets was the trending style that rocked globally.

But today, farmhouse style is the idealized version that will trend for a long time due to its uniqueness and importance.

One of the reasons for its popularity is that it has a family and friendly vibe.

For instance, when you look at the metal and wooden furniture, all come with dull finishes that fit the room’s character, thus boosting its looks.

This article will explain more about farmhouse style and guide you on where to buy blank farmhouse signs.

The best places to find blank farmhouse signs for your projects

Blank farmhouse signs are one of the best trending styles you can use to nourish your house.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy them anywhere as there are only a few retail markets selling them.

So, where to buy blank farmhouse signs?

Below are some of the places you can buy blank farmhouse signs:

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1. blicks wood planks

Blick’s wood market is one of the best markets you can buy your blank surface farmhouse sign.

Here there is a wide range of blank woods such as walnut, cedar, and pine blanks with different sizes and surfaces for all your crafting projects.

The shapes of these woods vary as some are in squares, circles, boxes and arrows. Their prices are also affordable.

For instance, for an American Easel wood painting panel, you can get them at $5.00-$148.80.

2. Michaels blank wood signs

Michael blank wood signs are another wholesale retailer where you can your blank farmhouse sign. If you want a variety of small wooden plaques, you can check from this shop.

Unlike blicks, Michaels shop has both finished and unfinished plaques.

All are of different sizes and shapes, and most importantly, they are easily affordable to all.

Also, you will get the best wooden surfaces for your kitchen and all other interesting and unusual projects like chalkboard frames.

3. Home depot rusting wood planks

This is another retail shop where you can get blank farmhouse signs for your craft projects.

Unlike other blank woods, planks home depot wooden planks are authentic, safe, dry and sanded.

The good thing is that you can easily find them in different lengths depending on the kind of project you want to start.

4. Etsy wooden Blanks

Etsy is another place where you can get a wide range of blank farmhouse signs for your craft projects.

The woods here, too, have desirable shapes and sizes best for you and have nice frames at the edges.

Factors to consider before buying blank farmhouse signs

Having good materials is the only guarantee for you to apply all farmhouse styles in your house hence choosing the best materials is the solution to a good building.

The materials of a farmhouse you pick will largely define the overall looks of your building, starting from durability, character and endurance.

Therefore, you should always be keen, especially when it comes to the selection of building materials.

You can easily achieve these by frequently analyzing the maintenance, stability, costs and aesthetics of the materials you want.

Unfortunately, currently, there is a wide range of construction materials distributed all over the market.

It can be challenging for you to decide the best qualities that suit your constructions well.

However, you need not worry as below are some of the tips you can use when choosing materials for your building and getting it ready for applying any farmhouse style:


Climate is an important aspect to consider when selecting materials for your building.

Factors such as heat, rain, cold and amount of daylight determine the material to buy.

Every time before starting your construction, make sure it can respond well to any climate context.


Cost is another important factor to consider when buying your construction materials.

If you want a good quality building, it is advisable to get away with the most affordable products; rather, you should consider going for lifespan products, not the cost of the item.

For instance, going into substandard /cheap utilities, you will spend more in restoring them to normal, thus wasting a lot of time, and the process may end up being costly.

Always create a habit of preferring cost-efficient materials and those that will serve you for a long time as that will make it easy for
you to apply any farmhouse style you want.

3. Durability

The durability of your preferred farmhouse style largely depends on the durability of the building materials you have selected.

Some materials can repel all environmental conditions, i.e. corrosion, moisture and floods, thus serving you longer than expected.

Make sure you go for materials capable of adapting to any weather conditions regardless of the area of interest.

Having such materials will demand less attention to maintenance and have a long-lasting life building and farmhouse style.

So, Where Can I Buy Blank Farmhouse Signs?

Having the best blank farmhouse sign is the best dream to have, but the most important thing is buying those of good quality to have a nice house and good character.