7 Best Picture Perfect White Picket Farmhouses on Pinterest

Many homeowners have used the White Picket fences for their homes since the 18th century.

They not only keep your pets and children in your compound but are also pleasing.

Many homeowners also adopted the fence as part of an architectural ornament.

But, it could still keep wild dogs from accessing your compound.

In the USA, Boston and Philadelphia are among the major neighborhoods that adopted this European craze.

The fences go well with the traditional Georgian homes.

Yet, the design is based on classic Greek and Roman architecture.

The fence usually features posts that are usually topped with curved urn finials.

Some homeowners sometimes use balusters in the place of pickets. You can also use curved or molded rails in the fence.

Most homeowners have different tastes and preferences when it comes to picket fences.

Choosing a fence design should not be hard, especially if you already have a farmhouse in place.

All you need is to come up with a design that compliments your house color and design.

Most professionals will offer you the best design to suit your house if you don’t have fresh ideas.

Below are some of the best designs for Picture Perfect White Picket Farmhouses on Pinterest

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1) Speared Picket Fences

Picket fences come in different shapes, and the speared picket fence is one of them. Imagine walking in a neighborhood with white speared picket fences with a picket gate.

Such glorious sites dot many neighborhoods of Philadelphia and Boston. If you are a farmhouse owner without any idea of the fence to pick, picking the white picket fence is what you need.

It’s easy to construct and looks good, especially on the Greek and Roman design farmhouses.

2) French Gothic Style White Picket Fences

If you are one of those people who like walking in neighborhoods with lush vegetation compounds, It’s not hard to spot a French gothic-styled picket fence.

You can opt for a gothic style gate to complete the look. Most picket fences usually match the architectural details of the main house to complete the look.

The houses will welcome you with large bold house numbers on the door. It’s always fun living in a picket-fenced house as it signifies happiness.

3) White Picket Patio Enclosures

Most roman and Greek styled homes come with white picket patio enclosures to complete the look.

Having patio enclosures gives you privacy, especially when you invite friends over to enjoy a cup of tea with you.

These patio enclosures not only keep the pets and young children in the compound but also deter the ease of entry of thieves into your patio.

4) Bordered Picket Fences

If you plan to buy a family home, a bordered picket fence will go a long way in keeping your house secure.

You can also grow roses around the enclosure for aesthetic purposes.

The white color complements the red roses well, giving your compound a facelift.

It will also keep the pets inside your compound.

5) Newel Post Cap White Picket Fence

The Newel Post Cap White Picket fence is another fencing architectural masterpiece that you can use to detail your fence.

The elegant newel post will go well with your lawn. You can spot visitors from a distance without any obstruction.

The design also gives the house a classic look. Most picket fences are pet friendly which makes them ideal for many farmhouses.

6) Garden White Picket Fence

If you have a garden in your compound, you can have a picket fence around it.

White picket fences around a bushy garden are always a joy to watch.

The fence protects the garden from potential attack by animals and abuse by human encroachment.

Most farmhouse owners also keep the garden fences to secure their orchards from destruction by animals like dogs.

7) Swimming Pool White Picket Fences

You can keep pets and young children off your swimming pool by fencing it with white picket fences.

This not only prevents potential accidents by drowning. It also allows you to watch the activities around the swimming pool without any obstruction.

It is thus recommended that you choose the design of your choice to keep your swimming pool perimeter secure.

White Picket Farmhouses

Picture Perfect White Picket Farmhouses fences are a must for most farmhouse owners.

They not only keep your compound safe but also offer an aesthetic value to the homeowner.

As you have read from the article, there are various fence designs available online that you can use for your farmhouse.

They range from the spear to gothic design.

The common thing with all of them is that they offer you protection by keeping poets and children in your compound.

Although they don’t offer much security from burglary, they compensate for that with their ornamental value.

You can see a full range of them here: https://www.pinterest.com/naileditfencing/picket-fences-by-nailed-it-fencing/