Why Is My Cricut Not Cutting In The Right Place?

It’s disappointing to layout a perfect design and send it to your Cricut only for the result to be wrong in all places.

This is something that can happen to everyone, even experienced crafters.

If your Cricut isn’t cutting in the right place, there are a few solutions for you to consider.

The first being assessing your image to ensure that it’s properly attached.

So, why is my Cricut not cutting in the right place?

Here’s 3 common reasons your Cricut is not cutting in the right place and solutions…

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1. Software Issues Can Make Cricut Cut In The Wrong Place

Design Space issues can be the cause why your Cricut isn’t cutting in the right space.

That’s because you might not use the attach tool correctly when cutting your design.

In case you have lots of images and shapes in your design, you need to use the attach tool and send them to cut.

If you don’t use the attach tool, all the results might end up coming out wrong.

Thus you have to counter check on the available images and shape to ensure they are enough. Make sure all are inserted with the attached tool to avoid being sent back.

Failure to use the attach tool will force your Cricut to automatically adjust the shapes to use less material and save space.

Then it ensures all of them are in expected shape and fit the available space thus prevent sending them to you for adjustments.

2. Print and Cut Issues Can Be Making Cricut Cutting In Wrong Place

Your Cricut might not be working correctly because of print and cut issues (i.e. your Cricut is cutting in the wrong place).

However, there are easy ways to fix this issue.

Print then Cut is a great feature of your Cricut machine (it can cut wood, did you know), therefore, it’s important to note that it will work best when using a computer .

Some common issues you will experience with this feature include:

• The sensors don’t find the image
• Your machine isn’t properly calibrated
• The image isn’t properly flattened
• Your printed design isn’t the actual size

Your Cricut machine needs a solid black box marker to easily recognize the different designs on your materials.

In case there isn’t any box, the project will end up wrong.

Thus you have to incorporate it in your design to make sure everything goes well and there is no time wastage.

Your Cricut has light-sensitive sensors and the box makes it easier for the machine to read your design.

Therefore, to avoid such issues, ensure that the materials are in the correct colour for your Cricut.

3. Setup Issues Can Cause Cricut To Cut In Incorrect Place

At times, your Cricut problems might also be associated with the setup.

You ought to check everything to ensure that your materials are lying flat.

Before any design make sure your settings are correct.

Small bunches or wrinkles can cause it to snag your Cricut blade thus causing some cutting errors.

Furthermore, loading the mat incorrectly can also result in erroneous cuts.

Always ensure that you load your mat facing the direction that’s shown on the software.

You should also ensure that you load your mat and ensure that it butts up against the rollers.

Failure to do this can lead to your design being cut too high.

More so, ensure that your design suits the blade type in your Cricut.

For example, when using a knife blade, a small design might not turn out well.

Why Your Cricut Is Cutting In The Wrong Place

If your Cricut ends up making the wrong cuts, you might end up disappointed.

However, this isn’t the end of the road for your Cricut and project.

You need to make some corrections in your software or even the setup to ensure that the Cricut works as you would like.

Making these corrections help prevent all the mishaps and ensure that all your cuts are back on track.

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