How to Make Winter Decor for Christmas

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Winter decorations can make your house feel extra cozy for the holidays. You can also leave them up after Christmas for the following winter months.

If you have holiday decorations up already, it’s time to add extra cheer with some winter decoration pieces. Some of them are easy to make winter crafts, but you can also get ready-made pieces.

Decorating for me brings out a new creative side. Try something new for Christmas this year instead of doing the same things every season.

Here is how you can add some winter decorations to your home this holiday.

Step 1: Create a Winter-Themed Pallet Box

A DIY pallet box filled with winter-themed decorating pieces might be all you need to enhance the Christmas decorations. You can repurpose wood from an old pallet to make a beautiful rustic box.

Add mason jars to make the box unique and beautiful. You can fill the jars with twine and include small chalkboard pendants to complete the box.

Feel free to add anything that screams winter in the pallet; let your creativity take the lead. You won’t have to add many other winter decorations if you do it right.

You can display your box on the coffee or dining table if you want everyone to see it. But you can place it on the bedroom dresser if you already have enough decorations in the living room.

Step 2: Add Wooden Snowflakes Tablescape

Tablescaping has become very popular, especially for the holidays. Usually, it’s all green and red decorations on the dining table.

But instead of the usual Christmas decorations, use wooden snowflakes instead. If creating these snowflakes seems like too much work, you can get ready-made from a craft store.

You can combine the table centerpieces and decorations with the creative arrangements of the snowflakes. It can elevate the dining table and create a special mood.

Tablescaping can include clothes and runners. Ensure the runners also have a winter theme, but be careful not to overdo the table setting.

Step 3: Decorate the Front Door

Go big or go home! Why not decorate the front door with a winter piece instead of the usual wreath. Wreaths are a classic way to celebrate Christmas every season; if you are looking for something new and exciting, try other types of door hangings.

Create one front door piece that will last through the winter. You can try to customize a small basket with winter pieces and hang it on the front door.

You can even switch the basket contents with dried flowers and keep them on the front door during the spring season. Try finding a winter wreath basket to know what you should create.

Work with decorations you have in the house; there is no need to add extra costs of buying new items for the basket. You will be surprised by the impact a small winter basket on your front door can have.

Step 4: Get Fresh Winter Greenery

A simple way of adding winter decorations for Christmas is by bringing the outdoors inside. Pick even a small place and make it look alive with fresh greenery.

You can put the greenery on wall mirrors, shelves, or the fireplace mantels. There aren’t many colorful flowers that bloom during winter.

If you can’t get your hands on flowers, use interesting twigs, fir branches, and pine cones. You can even use the greenery for wreaths to welcome your guests at the front door.

A wintery first impression can be enough when you don’t want to do something different this season. You can easily tailor the greenery to fit anything you want.

Step 5: Craft Snowballs

Snowball and snowflakes decorations define winter. There are many places you can put snowballs in the house to make it feel more like winter.

Use faux to create several snowballs and find ideal positions to place them in the living room. You can even find them a place on your Christmas tree.

You can fill a basket with the snowballs and make them the centerpiece decoration. There are so many ideas to explore.

If you don’t know how to make the snowballs find a great tutorial or video online to help you learn. Faux can also create fake snow that you can use to decorate fruits.

It will look like it just snowed in your living room when you do it right. But don’t cover everything with the fake snow; try to keep it to a minimum.


Creating winter decor for Christmas is quite easy; you can even avoid buying decorations by using materials around the house. Try these five ideas and see what you come up with.

Step 1: create a winter-themed pallet box

Step 2: add wooden snowflakes tablescape

Step 3: decorate the front door

Step 4: get fresh winter greenery

Step 5: craft snowballs