4 Wood Lathe Project Ideas

Wood lathes are woodworking tools used to shape wood into desirable shapes and angles.

Such tools help the user shave, groove, and cut pieces into the chosen shape and design.

I you are a creative mom like me, who values customised gifts or interior décor, then a wood lathe can easily become your favourite tool yet.

You could use it to reclaim old wood and transform them into remarkable DIY projects.

Here are 4 wood lathe project ideas

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1. Bowls

Bowls are some of the easiest projects you can start using a wood lathe (get the best chuck too), especially if you are a beginner with few woodworking skills.

Making a bowl using a lathe is easy and versatile because of the smooth angles that don’t need much skill to pull off.

These bowls can be used for multiple uses, such as fruit bowls or art pieces around the house, especially if you polish them well and apply varnish.

2. Spoons

Wooden spoons are a staple part of every kitchen and serve many uses to the ultimately culinary experience.

The best part about making wooden spoons with a wood lathe is that it is extremely easy to make, and they can be made of different sizes and designs to serve you every culinary need.

3. Flower Pots and Vases

Like bowls, vases,  flowerpots are other typical turning projects that you can easily do at home with your kids as a hobby or for subsistent use.

If you are a hobbyist, vases can be another fun project to undertake using your wood lathe.

These vases and flowerpots can be made in different sizes, and you can maximise your turning skills to create a variety of tools, especially if you’re looking to create a romantic gift for your partner.

Making flower pots from wood is cheaper compared to ceramic or glass versions and have a longer shelf life, providing you with years of good quality service for your flowers and plants.

4. Chair and Table Legs

You and I know that furniture is not cheap, especially those of high quality and visual appearance.

Unfortunately, the legs of tables and chairs can wear off after many years of use, and replacing them can be an expensive feat.

You could use your wood lathe to make new stronger and more appealing legs for them.

Lucky for you, the legs of tables and chairs are relatively easy to turn and can also be attached to the body just as quickly.

You can also modify your existing chair and table legs to improve your home’s appearance and the comfortability of your furniture.

5. Chess Pieces

Chess pieces are exquisite wood carvings that a pro can decide on.

As a mother who loves playing chess and DIY wood art, making chess pieces using your wood lathe.

With your arsenal of tools, you can make specialised pieces on a wood lathe by cutting and shaping the wood into desired shapes and sizes.

Take advantage of your skills and perfect this elegant skill to prove your prowess to yourself.

Wood Lathe DIY Ideas

When you decide to follow the path of a DIY mom like myself, you will need some key tools that can be used on multiple projects and still serve their best.

A wood lathe (or even a good midi wood lathe) is one such tool that will make all your DIY projects a sweet success and have a good outlook.

However, it would help if you considered that some projects require much more skills than others, but this shouldn’t deter you from attempting to turn them.

So as a beginner, consider starting small and growing with time as your skill keeps getting better.