Are Zebra Mechanical Pencils Any Good?

Yes, Zebra mechanical pencils are an excellent choice when you are drawing.

For me, I love crafting and creating new ideas that will help me in designing my place.

Since I love drawing and art, I prefer using the zebra mechanical pencil because of its many uses.

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In the article, I will highlight some of the features that I love about it.

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The Shape

When drawing, I love to use a pencil that is very comfortable for me to remove fine lines or shade the paintings that I create, and this is why shape has to be the first thing I look for in pencil.

Zebra mechanical pencils are perfect for me to complete the job because it fits perfectly on my hand allowing me to grip it well.

The shape also allows me to hold the pencil well so that I can quickly sketch my work, giving me the fine details when creating my pictures.

The Size

Size is one of the factors that I check before buying my pencils. Zebra mechanical pencils are the right size for my hands.

I want a pencil that fits correctly on my hand, and this should be light and medium so that it holds my hand.

The correct size allows you to hold it in the proper posture without worrying if it is bulky for you to create your designs.

I also want the option of using coloured lead in my mechanical pencil .


When I buy items, their longevity and durability is one of the essential things I eye.

The durability of the zebra mechanical pencil is impeccable.

The material used on this pencil is metal; therefore, it allows you to use it for a longer time without replacing or breaking it.

Additionally, as long as the item is made of good material, you are guaranteed quality when using it.


Drawing is quite a task, especially when you want to create a precise design, and this is why you should use a pencil that suits your need.

Zebra mechanical pencil guarantees you optimum performance because it does not break even when it falls.

The pencil is effective, especially if you need to erase where you have not drawn well.


Pricing is very crucial when it comes to working within your budget.

As for me I am always saving my coins and the zebra pencil is perfect for my budget.

The zebra mechanical pencils are cheap, and they complete the job without any hassle.

Compared to other cheap pencils, zebra always comes in first to give the service you need without breaking the bank.


It can be very daunting to look for an eraser when drawing, especially when you are in the middle of the drawing.

You should worry no more; zebra mechanical pencils come with an inbuilt eraser that eases the erasing process as they clean the mistake to perfection.

You can easily erase the faulty lines and continue with the work immediately without leaving your desk or couch.


When using the mechanical pencil (be sure not to use on certain tests as it’s not permitted), you need to refill the lead; however, they are readily available as they come with the pencil.

The lead and erasers come with the pencils in one pack making it more flexible when completing the existing one.

This allows you to save costs when using the pencil.

Are Zebra Mechanical Pencils Worth The Money?

Yes, they are the perfect option for you, especially if you want precise and clean work.

Here are some of the reasons why I would still choose it.

1. Its Size
2. Its Shape
3. Its Resilience
4. Its Affordability
5. Come with an eraser
6. Has a packet of refills
7. Performance