Can You Use Coloured Lead In Mechanical Pencils?

Yes, it’s possible to use coloured lead in mechanical pencils

And it offers you countless benefits it offers as you sketch.

Here are the pros you will get once you switch to mechanical pencils comprising coloured lead…

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Prolonged Pencil Longevity

When compared to the basic pencil, a mechanical lead pencil will last you for an extended period.

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A coloured lead-based mechanical pencil lasts long, in addition to using it in multiple applications.

You only need a lead replacement to increase its life.

What’s more, you do not need to think about throwing it into a bin as you would do if you had a wooden pencil.

As you can see, a mechanical pencil can turn out to be your lifetime friend where it will help you scribble projects.

No Issues with Sharpening

While a wooden pencil requires regular sharpening, that is not the case for a mechanical pencil.

So, you will save a lot of time and money, which lets you focus on writing your project.

Still, it is advisable to incorporate techniques that save time when doing assignments or writing exams with kids.

This way, the kids will have sufficient time to concentrate on tasks instead of repeatedly sharpening the pencil.

Worse of it all, they would have a challenging time if they do not have a sharpener.

The other essential benefit of a mechanical pencil is that it will not create a mess.

Think about a scenario where you have to sharpen the basic pencil and throw away the waste all the time.

You can see it is a big hassle that consumes your precious time.

The Pens are Eco-friendly

After buying a lead-coloured mechanical pencil, you do not have to get rid of the stubs. Instead, you only need to refill.


Can you think about the many trees you save by not purchasing wooden pencils for your projects?

Well, mechanical pencils (the Zebra brand is good) are eco-friendly, and they could end up saving nature a lot over the long run.

Using a mechanical pencil for a long time is eco-friendly and suits the government’s recommendation of going green.

Note; You cannot use mechanical pencils on ACT or SAT tests.

The Line is Consistent and Reliable

Sharpening a wooden pencil sometimes make the first few lines end up thin.

Here is where mechanical pencils come in handy as they allow all lines to have a steady thickness.

Therefore, if you want to draw on paper and attain similar thickness all through, it is recommended to take advantage of mechanical pencils.

Wooden pencils are never the best option for keeping perfect thickness throughout a given task.

As said above, a wooden pencil will start to become thicker and thicker after sharpening.

If you are an engineer, designer, or architect, you will benefit from mechanical pencil’s features in your projects.

What Experts Say

Lastly, it is worth noting that mechanical pencils exist in different types and colours.

You can select the pencil you are searching for and enjoy comfy and easy writing.

As a parent, it is wise to introduce your children to mechanical pencils from the early stages.

You may think mechanical pencils are costly compared to wooden pencils, but it’s a good way of teaching them that maintaining the environment is paramount.

Do Lead-Coloured Mechanical Pencils have Downsides?

No, there are no disadvantages linked to mechanical pencils unless you exceedingly love the standard pencils.

It is a fact that once you get used to mechanical pencil weights, you will essentially thank yourself that you opted for them over the others.

Can Mechanical Pencils Be Used With Different Colour Leads?

Yes, mechanical pencils can use different colour leads.

Here are the top reasons why people use coloured lead in mechanical pencils.

  • Increased use
  • No sharpening
  • Consistent and reliable results
  • Environmentally friendly