Can you paint glass with acrylic paint?

Yes, you can paint glass with acrylic paint. Acrylic paints are durable, water-resistant, easy to clean, versatile, and non-toxic.

Enamel paint is the best option to select when painting glass with acrylic paint because it is durable and effective on smooth surfaces.

You will need to prepare the glass properly even though the paint will work well. Preparing the glass helps remove unwanted substances such as dust, dirt, or oil on the glass surface.

To ensure that the acrylic paint sticks easily, you can use a primer. To increase the durability of the paint, you can use a sealant or varnish.

Is Acrylic Paint Good for Glass?

Yes, acrylic paint is good for glass because the outcome is perfect. Because acrylic paints do not need solvents to dry and have a low odor, it is the perfect paint for glass.

Acrylic is quite easy to use and allows you to make corrections when you make a mistake. Because of that reason, you will keep the glass with paint to dry, then scrape the paint off and start the artwork again.

To ensure that the artwork is more durable, apply a sealant after completing the project.

Does Regular Acrylic Paint Work on Glass?

Yes, you do not require to buy other special paints because regular paint works perfectly on glass. Even though regular acrylic paint work on glass, you need to check on the quality to ensure you get the right pigment.

Quality acrylic paint will ensure that your glass artwork is appealing and have the expected results. The quality of the paint is also a vital factor for the durability of your artwork because acrylic paints are not created equally.

What Type of Glass Works well with Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paint works perfectly with any glass; hence there is no need to worry about the type of glass for your project. To have any glass work perfectly with acrylic paints, you need to make sure they are clean.

Consideration to Check When Choosing the Right Acrylic Paint

When choosing the best acrylic paint for your glass, you need to consider some things because not acrylic paints are the same.

For your project to be effective, you need to understand whether the paint you need is permanent or can be washed off.

You need long-lasting paint if you are creating glass artwork. Here are a few considerations you need to make to have the best acrylic paint for your artwork.


Colors in an artwork fade after being exposed to sunlight for some time. To ensure that resistance against UV rays and fading by maintaining the paint’s pigment, you need to choose a lightfast paint.


An important factor you need to consider when buying paint for glass artwork is transparency or opacity. The overall brightness is affected by how solid the color of acrylic paint you have purchased is; hence it is important for glass.

You will need to choose the style that suits you because transparent colors will let light through while opaque colors will block any light. Your taste and preference will determine the outcome of your glass artwork.


Similar consistency is another factor you need to consider when purchasing acrylic paints. The result of mixing two paints with different consistencies is inconsistent paint.

Different effects will be produced after the inconsistent paint dries; hence you need to compare the thickness of the different paints.

Because of that, you will have to take small amounts of the paint and compare so that you do not end up with too thin paint.


You need to consider the finish you will need to use for your artwork to look presentable and attractive. You need to choose the best finish because there are various varieties in the market.

A glossy finish makes your glass artwork reflective hence most artists prefer a frosted finish because they have a lighter and thinner coat.

How to Prepare Glass for Painting with Acrylic Paint?

• Clean your glass with water and soap, rinse, then dry it.
• Check for any stubborn marks.
• In case of any stubborn marks, use white spirit to remove them.
Grease from your fingers is not left on the glass after drying when you use the white spirit. An undercoat or a primer is not necessary, although they can help your paint opaque. You should always make sure that your glass surface is dry before applying acrylic paint.


Yes, you can paint acrylic paint on glass. To ensure a perfect project, you need to clean your glass surface well. After cleaning your glass, you need to choose the best acrylic paintbrush.

Soft acrylic or watercolor brushes perfectly combine with the right acrylic paint. When using acrylic enamel-based paint, it is essential to clean your brush with thinner.