Colouring Epoxy Resin with Acrylic Paint

Epoxy resins are great for all kinds of projects, whether it’s sealing huge floors or building miniature models.

And while it is available in a number of colours, half the fun is creating something unique and colouring it yourself.

If colouring epoxy resin with acrylic paint is something you’ve been planning, but you don’t know where to start, then the good news is you’ve found the right place!

You’ll find all the answers you need right here, along with a few more helpful tips along the way!

So without any further ado…

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Do Epoxy Resins and Acrylic Paints Mix?

Acrylic paints offer an endless choice when it comes to colours, making them the perfect choice for your project.

They’re also resistant to water and cracking, which makes them much more durable than oil paints.

Mixing epoxy resins and acrylic paints couldn’t be easier, although it’s important to pay attention to your mix ratio so you don’t ruin the flow of the resin.

For the best results, stick to a 1:10 ratio of 1 part acrylic paint to 10 parts epoxy resin.

Ultimately, it doesn’t take much to saturate transparent epoxy resin.

Also, you should always be aware of the surface material you’re pouring the resin onto; colours are affected by the base colours underneath them, especially transparent epoxy resin.

The last thing you want is for your resin to become over saturated and ruined.

Can I add Colourants to Epoxy Resins?

You can add colourants to epoxy resins, although again, it’s advisable to stick within a certain amount.

A 6% colourant volume to the total volume of epoxy resin is usually what’s recommended, although depending on what you’re looking to achieve, you may get away with playing around a little.

Are there any Alternatives to Using Acrylic Paint?

While mixing epoxy resin and acrylic paint can deliver some amazing results, it’s not the only option that’s available.

If you’re struggling to find the exact acrylic colour you’re after, then the following alternatives will work just as well.

Airbrush paint

Just like with acrylic paints, airbrush paints come in just about every colour imaginable.

They’re also super thin, and can create great, vibrant results when mixed with epoxy resin.

Just like with acrylic paints, airbrush paints should be mixed at the same 1:10 ratio.

Resin tint

A specially made colourant for epoxy resins, resin tint works with the resin as a binding agent to create some fantastic colours.

While other examples may be used independently of epoxy resin, resin tint will only work in conjunction with epoxy resin.

Alcohol ink

If you’re after a richly saturated look, then alcohol ink may be the way to go.

Due to it being alcohol however, it’s very flammable, so care should be taken to keep it away from any open flames.

Colouring Epoxy Resin With Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paints are a perfect choice for colouring epoxy resin.

It’s quick drying, is non-flammable, and is abrasion and water-resistant.

It can also be cleaned with soap and water without any fear of compromising the finish.

While perhaps not as glossy as alternative options, it’s the perfect solution to your epoxy resin project, no matter how big or small!