Can You Paint JB Weld?

Yes, you can paint JB weld without any problem. Being a high-temperature epoxy adhesive, JB weld has a range of uses in the auto industry.

For example, can be used to fill up holes in the car body and to join things. However, you might want to paint the surface after using JB, which is doable.

This piece answers essential questions you need to know about JB weld and painting it.

Why Should You Paint JB Weld?

After using the weld, you want to attain a clear, uniform finish, which is why you might want to paint the JB weld. The problem with this paint is that once used, it’ll look conspicuous.

Suppose you’re a car owner who wants to keep things clear and attractive, you might want to put paint over JB weld.

It’s also possible to paint JB weld to conceal the bodywork. No one would be happy to drive a car showing that some bodywork has been done on it.

Many people prefer JB weld because it doesn’t crack or shrink. Thus, it’ll stay put for a long duration once used to fill a hole in the body of the car.

Even after painting, it should last longer. Suppose you choose to paint over JB weld, you want to be careful not to ruin your vehicle’s finish.

How to Paint JB Weld

The JB weld is designed to suit the job and put a smile on your face. To void disassembling the JB weld, you need to give the hole a little sanding.

Once you have sanded the JB weld, you need to skim it over the entire repair using plastic. From there, use a primer and paint to spray-paint it.

It’s that simple, and you’ll notice that the bodywork is concealed. As we have said, painting JB weld will not reduce the quality of your car.

Should You Hire Someone?

If you’ve never used a JB weld before, you might think that hiring an expert is the best option. But you can still do the painting yourself if you have the right resources.

You can easily paint over JB weld, and there’re little to no chances of complications. Therefore, you don’t have to only think of working with an expert.

Since you’ll be painting the entire areas that have been welded, the process is the same as regular painting. You don’t need special garments or gear to handle the JB weld.

Note that you also want to save money, so you should prioritize a DIY job. It’ll also be fun and can help you learn many things. But it’s okay if you don’t have enough time to paint your own car.

Honestly, there’re times when you need to leave the job to an expert. For instance, when you have never painted before. Though you can learn from online tutorials, you might still make mistakes that can be costly to fix.

Will The Paint Be Durable?

The good thing with JB weld is that it’s of top quality and has always stood the test of time. Thus, when painted, you can be sure that the paint will stick for a long time until you choose to give it a retouch.

In most cars, the paint can last between five and seven years, which is fairly long. However, to hit this mark, then paint over the JB weld should be done well.

Note that you should also consider the duration the JB weld will last on the surface of your car. That’s because when it comes out, it’ll take the paint with it.

Provided the painting was done well, you should expect the paint to go up to ten years. But if shoddy work was done, the paint can only last several months before coming off.

Thus, you need to do an excellent job if you choose to paint over the JB weld yourself. Getting everything right from the start is essential.

Are There Possible Issues?

This answer is essential, and the answer is no or yes. At times, JB weld can be tough to paint, and different car owners have different experiences. To some, the paint lasted many years, but some users were not so lucky.

Remember, unless you take your time and do a great job, the paint will peel off in a matter of days or weeks, but it can’t go more than one year. Thus, your experience will be based on how well you have painted over the JB weld.

That is why you need to hire an expert if you’re not so sure about your ability to paint the surface yourself.


From this piece, you can see that it’s possible to paint a JB weld. While the process can be easy and fun, it’s okay to hire an expert if you doubt yourself. Make sure you understand how the paint works and do an excellent job for the best experience.