How Far Should a Farmhouse Sink Stick Out?

If you have seen farmhouse sinks in recent kitchen remodels, it’s because they are back in style. I have to admit, I’m curious about getting one.

So, this post is for anyone who wants to know about farmhouse sinks, particularly how far they should jut out.

A Sink That Completes Your Kitchen

Having helped one or two friends with an installation, I can attest the fuss around these sinks is all worth it.

Farmhouse sinks infuse a timeless feel to your decor. They are also incredibly stylish and functional.

The farmhouse sink, also called an apron-front or apron sink, dates back to the 1900s. It was the epitome of hard work, with each setup designed for durability. The sink also protrudes from the countertop such that you don’t have to bend over when using it.

Thanks to its bold look and clean lines, an apron sink can complement any kitchen decor.

One consideration to keep in mind, though, is how far it should stick out.

I’ve come across this question more than a few times from homeowners looking to get the best out of farmhouse sinks.

Due to the apron front, a beautiful sink can turn into a monstrosity if not installed properly.

If it protrudes too far out, it could occupy precious space in your kitchen, interfering with the flow.

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Installing A Farmhouse Sink Without It Sticking Out

I always talk to fellow DIYers and professionals if a project requires it.

In this case, I got opinions from homeowners with apron-front sinks and experts with experience installing them.

The recommendation is that the bump on your sink can be anything from half an inch to two inches from the kitchen cabinets.

With this range, you are assured of an installation that’s not too far out or too far in.

Of course, a few other considerations will drive your decision.

I believe that personal preferences and the kitchen design should determine how you set up a farmhouse sink.

I’ll highlight some of my priorities.

Use Countertops as Guides

Your new sink has to align with the kitchen counters. Therefore, decide if you are changing the countertops too or keeping the current ones.

If it’s a major remodel, like what I’m planning, then you can fit the sink first such that it sits at the same level as the counters.

The tops can come later, allowing them to rest on top of the sink.

Ensure you leave enough space at the back section for the backsplash and faucets.

Factor in The Layout

Dimensions are critical when deciding how to place a farmhouse sink. A slight miscalculation can leave you with an ugly obtrusion rather than a functional installation.

Take the measurements of your kitchen counters and the surrounding areas so that you can get a dimensionally appropriate product.

If you intend to get a double sink, your kitchen should be big enough to accommodate it.

Additionally, evaluate the area in front of the sink. One question I ask is, ‘how much can the sink stick out without being an obstacle?’

Also, will the installation mess with your movements when preparing food?

For someone like me with kids who sometimes run around the kitchen, you must also make sure the protrusion isn’t a hazard.

Thus, measure the space you have to work with before even shopping for an apron-front sink.

Watch Out for The Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are other features that determine how far out a farmhouse sink should jut without being a nuisance.

The sink should obtrude slightly from the face of the cabinets.

If the doors open, then the sink’s apron needs to be far out enough to allow them to open and close swiftly.

Give the sink sufficient allowance to avoid water dripping on cabinet doors.

If you have drawers to the sides, ensure you won’t have trouble opening them.

Hence, measure the distance between the edge of an extended drawer and the sink face.

Don’t Forget about Aesthetics

Just because the farmhouse sink is a workhorse doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant.

The latest kitchen trends led to the modernisation of the apron-front sink. Now, the installations are available in different materials, including stainless steel.

So, you can easily find a product that blends with the rest of the decor, whether it’s farmhouse chic or contemporary.

You also want the sink not to look like an eyesore. Hence, it should incorporate into the existing setup.

As much as the sink needs to be a focal point in your kitchen, be careful it doesn’t overwhelm everything else.

Depending on the aesthetics, you can choose to install an apron sink flush with the countertop.

How Far Should A Farmhouse Sink Stick Out?

Although the recommended distance is a maximum of 2 inches, consider the decor, the countertops, and your kitchen cabinets.

Remember, you have to live with the setup for a while. So, why not make certain it meets your style and functionality demands?