3 Best Iron On Patches That Stay On Wash After Wash

Iron on patches are a great way to update an old piece of clothing, and it’s certainly a lot cheaper than having to kit out your whole closet with new outfits.

There’s also an element of personalization in patches, as you can customize your clothes with your favorite designs.

What’s not so fashion-forward is wearing a faded patch that’s only partially stuck on because it’s started peeling after just a few washes.

That’s why it’s important to try and find an iron on patch that’s good quality instead of basing your decision purely on aesthetics.

To help point you in the right direction of the best iron on patches available, we’ve waded through all of what’s currently available online to bring you our top five recommendations.

In addition to our top pick, we’ve included a buyer’s guide to explain some of the most important things to consider when making your decision. 

In a hurry? We’re about to turn this patch-22 situation into an easy decision by introducing you to our top pick. 

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ZEFFFKA Denim Iron-on Patches Repair Kit - 12pcs, 3'x4.25', 100% Cotton, Strongest Glue, Assorted Blue Shades

Our top pick goes to the deserving ZEFFFKA premium-quality patches that are designed for fixing up any holes or tears in your jeans.

Included are twelve 7.5cm x 10.5cm patches in various shades of denim so you can find the closest match to your denim clothing. 

Made from high-quality 100% cotton, these patches feature a durable hot-melt adhesive backing which strongly secures them to the intended piece of fabric.

ZEFFFKA patches are really easy to apply so you won’t need to spend extra time sewing them into place to ensure they stay out. 

They’re suitable for use on the inside or outside of the clothing, so you can choose the method and style that you prefer.

If you’re using it on the inside of your garment, remember that the shiny side should be facing outwards from the hole so you can see it.

Don’t worry about the glue, which is what causes this, as it will wash off after a while leaving no trace. 

One of the things we love most about these Zefffk denim patches is that they’re completely suitable for use in the washing machine.

So no more time spent washing your clothes by hand because you need to keep the patch intact.

If you notice any peeling, simply iron over the patch once (up to three times) more to reseal them, although you can minimize this by taking extra care to stick down the edges during the first ironing on. 


  • 4 different shades of denim to choose from

  • Can be cut to the desired shape or size

  • Apply to the inside or outside of garments 

  • No stitching necessary 

  • The Zeffka patches are machine washable

  • Extra strong adhesive


  • Material is on the thinner side


20pcs Butterfly Iron on Patches, 2 Size Embroidered Sew Applique Repair Patch

If we could have picked a separate top pick for patches that are designed to be used as a fashion accessory rather than for repairs, we definitely would have chosen these butterfly iron on patches.

They’re super cute with bright, vibrant colors and beautiful stitching. 

You receive 20 patches with your purchase, 2 in each of the 10 different colors, one medium and one small.

The large size is 8.2cm x 4.8cm and the smaller size is 4.4cm x 3cm, and by having two sizes to choose from you have more versatility over where you place them.

Wear them together or go butterfly crazy and apply one to lots of different things, including clothes, towels, hats, and bags. They can even be used to cover up small holes. 

The embroidered cotton material is of high quality with vivid colors that don’t fade over time.

Although it’s recommended that you sew the patches on in addition to ironing them onto the fabric using the self-adhesive glue for extra durability. 



  • Additional sewing is recommended to keep the patches in place
  • Edges can take longer to stick down


Augshy Iron On Patche, 29 Pieces Iron On Patches for Clothing Repair Jeans 4.9 x 3.7 Inch (Colorful)

The next iron on patches we looked at is this colorful set from Augshy, with 29 pieces in 29 different colors.

They originally measure 9.4cm x 12.4cm which give you more material than you get from the patches we chose for our top pick.

With a number of bright colors to choose from, you can cut them to size or use them to create your own designs.

Which will bring fun and freshness to any old pieces of clothing you have lying around at the back of your closet or things like towels, table cloths, and cushion covers. 

You can apply the patches to the inner or outer material of your garment as the exposed adhesive will wash away over time.

In fact, why wait until a hole appears when you can take preventative measures and apply one of these patches for reinforcement in a weaker area?

They’re conveniently machine washable and they can be dried in the tumble dryer without it affecting the level of adhesion

And there’s no need to sew the patch on in addition to ironing it thanks to the super strong glue.

Applying the patch is also simple and easy to do. 


  • Multiple bold, beautiful colors to choose from

  • Can be used for repairs or decoration 

  • Apply to the insides or outsides of garments

  • Will reinforce any weak spots or areas in your clothing, for example, near the elbow

  • Easy to apply

  • No stitching necessary


  • Some quality control issues reported where some of the patches arrive without glue


ZEFFFKA Premium Quality Fabric Iron-on Patches Inside & Outside Strongest Glue 100% Cotton Blue Gray Beige Brown Yellow Red Green Repair Decorating Kit 14 Pieces Size 3' by 4-1/4' (7.5 cm x 10.5 cm)

If you prefer to use more muted tones to repair your favorite clothes, look no further than the ZEFFFKA iron on patches.

You may have noticed that this is the same brand as our top pick - that’s because they produce such good quality patches!  

Just like the denim patches we reviewed for our top pick, these patches are the same 7.5cm x 10.5cm in size, so they’re suitable for patching small and large holes alike.

The assorted colors are perfect for those with more of a neutral style. 

You can wear them on the inside or outside of your clothes as the patches can be applied to either side, and you can easily cut them down to the required size.

Additionally, you can wash them in the washing machine for added convenience. 

The material is backed by a strong adhesive glue that will cause the patch to cling to your garment like.... Well, glue.

There’s no need for additional sewing as the glue is capable of keeping it in place on its own, and application is easy in the first place. 


  • High-quality fabric 
  • Strong, successful adhesive 
  • Range of colors in more muted, earthy tones
  • Apply to the insides or outsides of garments


  • Struggles to stick to areas that are constantly bent or creased


Wlkq Embroidered Patch Accessories Assorted Size DIY Patches Sew On/Iron On Patches Applique for Jackets Jeans Pants Backpacks Clothes (Wappen-07-42Pcs)

We thought we’d save the most expensive option for last, so we bring you WLKQ and their multipack of patches which contain 42 pieces with individual designs.

The embroidered patches can liven up any garmet that needs refreshing, featuring patches that picture foods, plants, animals, the occasional word, and popular sticker designs.

Although the size varies depending on the design, each patch is approximately 0.1cm thick and none are too large to fit comfortably on the majority of pieces of clothing.

The variety in shapes and sizes inside the pack mean you can apply multiple designs to one area, or spread them out across a number of things in your closet or home. 

They’re let down by the fact that it’s recommended that you sew the patches on after ironing to ensure they’re extra secure, and the additional step makes application a longer and more complicated process.

Without this, some users report separation between the patch and the garment it was applied to. 

For the price, you might expect slightly better quality, but you still get a lot for what you pay for thanks to the variety of choice you’re given through the number of different designs. 



  • Additional sewing recommended to keep the patches in place
  • Slightly more expensive than the other options we’ve included

Best Iron on Patches Buying Guide

Now you’ve seen a selection of the best of what the market has to offer, you might be wondering how we narrowed it down to just five reviews.

That’s where this buyer’s guide comes in. Here we’ll talk you through the main factors to consider when picking out a new iron on patch, including material, design, size, and application. 

The Patch’s Purpose

When looking for patches to populate your clothes, the first thing you need to think about is the intended purpose of the patches, as the style you will need depends largely on why and where you’re applying it in the first place. 

For purely aesthetic reasons, you’ll make more of a statement with a cute design or something that boasts boldly bright colors than with a patch meant for repairs.

In this instance, you may prioritize style over substance, although all of the patches we’ve looked at in this article are of the highest quality whether they’re meant for fashion or fixing up. 

However, patching up a hole in your jeans will require you to focus on material strength and durability rather than just looks.

As you can see, having a clear idea of what your patch is going to be used for or where you’re going to position it on your clothing will make it much easier to make your final decision. 


Patches are made with a huge variety of materials, and there’s plenty of available options to choose from.

It’s not just the patch material though, as you need to make sure the fabric you’re applying your patch to will need to be suitable for ironing. 

Most embroidered patches are made up of fabric backing and thread that is stitched into a design or logo. These can include more decorative applique materials and accessories such as sequins or vibrantly colored thread.

Comparably, when it comes to fabric patches denim is both a popular and a common choice, as are cotton and polyester.

You should also think about the adhesive backing when you’re picking out a patch. The quality of the glue will determine how well it sticks to the intended piece of material, and if it’s too low-quality your patch will likely end up falling off. 

All 3 of our top picks are made from Cotton:


There are patches available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, which is why it’s so important to think about where you are going to position your patch before you purchase it.

With repair patches, you can often cut them down to the size you need, but this isn’t possible for the majority of design patches. 

It’s worth noting the measurements of any patch you’re considering and creating a paper cut out with similar dimensions so you can test it against the clothing or material you’ll apply it to, so you can get a good idea of what it will look like and if it’s a suitable size. 

Thickness might also come into play, especially if the material you’re applying your patch to is particularly thin itself. The general rule is that the thicker the patch, the more durable it will be and therefore the longer it will last.

Here's the size of the top 3 picks above...

Application Method

Iron on patches are made to be easy, that’s why they’re designed to be… ironed on. But is it really as simple as it sounds? And are some patches easier to apply than others?

Quality will come into play again here, as the higher-end patches will be more likely to stay once they’ve been stuck onto your clothing.

Some patches, while technically still classed as ‘iron on’, recommend adding a second layer of stitching to the patch once it’s been applied for extra security.

You might not mind this if you have a sewing machine to hand or if you know how to stitch by hand, but if you’re planning on just ironing it on, this is something to look out for in the product description. 

Here's the application method 3 of the top picks in this post:

So if you're looking for the most application methods possible then the clear winner is the ZEFFFKA...

ZEFFFKA Premium Quality Iron On Jean Patches

ZEFFFKA Denim Iron-on Patches Repair Kit - 12pcs, 3'x4.25', 100% Cotton, Strongest Glue, Assorted Blue Shades

Check Latest Price


There's a good chance you'll either prefer a certain colour due to personal preferences or you'll simply want to match the patches with your outfit, so here's the colour of the top 3 picks...

If you're looking for a mix of different colours and don't want only butterfly shaped patches then the clear winner here is the Augusy in the mixed colours...

Augshy 29 Pieces Iron On Patches

Augshy Iron On Patche, 29 Pieces Iron On Patches for Clothing Repair Jeans 4.9 x 3.7 Inch (Colorful)

Check Latest Price

Care Instructions

You don’t want to go through all the effort of finding the perfect patch and taking the time to iron it on, only to have your hard work undone in one wash.

Some patches are fine to be washed with your regular clothes in the washing machine which is more convenient. 

On the other hand, for some patches, it’s recommended that they’re hand-washed only to maintain the integrity of the design and design and to keep the patch from peeling away from the material around the edges.

If you’re ever in doubt, the manufacturer should provide care instructions in the product description. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Patches For Clothes

Do you need a sewing machine?

The name kind of gives it away, but all you need to apply an iron on patch is… you guessed it, an iron!

There’s no sewing machine required, but if you want to make sure your patch is extra secure there’s nothing stopping you from lining the borders of the patch with stitching. 

Alternatively, placing a damp cloth over your patch while you iron it on will help it stick to the surface of your fabric much better and will reduce the chances of it coming off.

Can I apply a patch to any material?

If you’re applying your iron on patch the way it was intended, you can put it on any piece of fabric that is iron safe.

You can also sew the patch onto materials that would be damaged by ironing, such as nylon, vinyl, of leather, which have a low melting point. 

What temperature should I iron patches on?

For the majority of patches, the required temperature for application is around 270 degrees Fahrenheit (give or take about 10 degrees on either side).

Just remember to check that the material you’re attaching the patch to is capable of withstanding this heat. 

So What's The Best Iron On Patches?

My #1 recommendation for the best iron on patches is the ZEFFFKA for the following reasons...

  • They are high quality and made from 100% cotton making them durable and wearable.

  • Included are twelve 7.5cm x 10.5cm patches in various shades of denim so you can find the closest match to your denim clothing. 

  • These patches feature a durable hot-melt adhesive backing which strongly secures them to the intended piece of fabric.

  • These are really simply to apply to your clothes without any time wasted on extra sewing.

  • The glue used leaves no trace on your clothes so they'll look fresh and new.

  • These are completely machine washable.

  • If they start to peel (which they shouldn't) it's solved by simply ironing over them a few times.

  • These can be cut to any desired size or shape so are suitable for whatever you want to do with them.

Based on all the above my #1 recommendation for the best iron on patches is the ZEFFFKA and you can get them here...

ZEFFFKA Denim Iron-on Patches Repair Kit - 12pcs, 3'x4.25', 100% Cotton, Strongest Glue, Assorted Blue Shades

Check Latest Price

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