How To Remove Iron On Vinyl

In most cases, when you want to do a removal of iron on vinyl it’s due to a change on the fashion sense you want.

Which is great because when some of your old clothes no suit your style, then you may feel the need to make the change.

It easy enough, if you follow the guide below, to remove vinyl from cotton clothes

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Rather than becoming frustrated with buying new clothes or making one from scratch, you can check out the step by step process of how you can make all things work-out your way.

1.Temperature set

When it comes to vinyl, all that matters is the temperature range and how you will get it to the point it can remove it (Thermoflex Vs Siser may interest you)

Make sure that you set your iron (see also the best iron on patches here) to the hottest point you can.

Ensure that the material you want to remove it on can handle the temperature range.

Here is a temperature range depending on the material used.

  • Cotton:Temperature of 302 F or to set it to 5
  • Linen: 302 F or set it to 5
  • Nylon: set to the lowest temperature since it is easy for nylon to catch fire
  • Polyester: 275 F or set it to 3

2.Place the cloth on the iron

It is normal that at this step for you to take a step back and be scared to make your move.

Gently place the piece of cloth on the iron.

Make sure that you pull it tightly onto the iron.

On so doing, remember to check the temperature to avoid damaging the material.

it will take sometime for the temperature on the iron to start melting off the vinyl, so you need to be patient.

Take your time for the temperature to do it’s work as it is not worth it to go into shortcuts changing the range. You might end up regretting.

3.Picking the HTV

Now that the HTV has started melting, you can pick it up slowly. Make sure that you get something when picking.

You will know when to start the process when the vinyl starts peeling off. Start working it off from the edges.

4.Removing the left-over

You cannot get a completely smooth job after peeling.

Therefore, you will need to do a comprehensive job to have a clean result.

Sometimes the adhesive can remain intact to the cloth often with lighter clothes.

However, you can tackle this by putting your cloth in the washing machine.

Once done washing, put it in a hot setting. The drier will be more efficient to get rid of the remaining adhesive.

How Do You Remove Ironed On Vinyl?

Here’s how you remove iron on vinyl in 4 simple steps…

  1. Set your iron to the hottest possible temperature.
  2. Place the cloth on the iron.
  3. Pick at the HTV.
  4. Remove any leftovers

Do not worry about getting the Vinyl out of your cloth.

With the simple steps mentioned above, you can make the process easier and faster.

However, you can commit yourself with these simple steps.

Remember to follow them to the latter since skipping one step or overdoing may destroy the piece of cloth.

It can be traumatising when you want to put your favourite shirt on the hot iron.

It is normal for you to get this feeling. Make sure to follow the right steps.