3 Best Joint Compounds For Skim Coating

Everybody wishes to have a nice-looking home.

There are several ways of making your home look great, and skim coating should be at the top of the list.

Skim coating is the best way to hide cracks, ridges, small spots, imperfections, and blemishes of your drywall.

This technique will make your surface uniform and more beautiful.

Joint compound is also known as drywall mud. You can use it to texture your drywall and make it more appealing.

However, selecting the right joint compound for skim coating is not an easy task based on my experience.

I had a rough time choosing the best joint compound when I wanted to rejuvenate my home.

However, that should not scare you as I have prepared a list of the 3 best joints compound for skim coasting, based on my experience.

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1. Regular all-purpose joint compound

This joint compound is a ready to use premixed compound that comes in either boxes or buckets.

What the tool can do

This joint compound is mostly used for finishing drywall seams, taping, and skim coating since it adheres strongly to surfaces.

Key specifications

  • It is very soft
  • Very easy to sand to hot mud

Key features

  • It is durable
  • It takes few hours to dry
  • Has heavy fillers


  • Durable
  • Good for taping
  • Excellent for skim coating


  • Not good enough for deep patches repair
  • Very heavy
  • Shrinks more

Why I included it

This joint compound drives hard anytime you want to crack a crumb, plus it can be used to repair seams on any drywall.

2. Lightweight mud

Lightweight mud is similar to regular all-purpose mud, but it is lighter.

What the tool can do

This joint compound can be used for topping and skim coating.

Key specifications

  • It is lighter
  • Ease of topping

Key features

  • It is premixed
  • Less shrinkage


  • Light in weight
  • Can sand easily
  • It uses eliminate taping and topping compound


  • It can be scratched easily
  • Less durable
  • Requires more drying time
  • Poor adhesion

Why did I include it

Its weight is 25% less than a regular all-purpose joint compound.

3. Quick setting joint compound

Quick setting joint compound is also known as hot mud.

What the tool can do

This joint compound is best when you have heavy fillings in drywall’s exterior and interior boards.

The bags are indicated with the setting time and not the drying period.

Key specifications

  • Superior bonds
  • Less in weight
  • It comes in powder form

Key features

  • Need mixing with water
  • Ease to mix


  • Quickset
  • Less shrinkage
  • Smooth finishing
  • Good for deep patch fix
  • Suitable for patchwork


  • Not ready to use
  • Has a less open time
  • Hard to sand

Why I included it

Quick setting joint compound allows you to finish the work quickly or when you want to apply several coats in a single day.

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So what’s The Best joint compound for skim coating?

Here are my top 3 picks of the best joint compound for skim coating

  1. Regular all-purpose joint compound
  2. Quick setting joint compound
  3.  Lightweight mud

However, if I had to pick just one, it would be a regular all-purpose joint compound because it is durable, thanks to its heavy fillers compared to other joint compounds.

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