3 Best Plastic Seat Covers For Dining Room Chairs

Sitting around the table dining as a family is a daily practice in many homes and our dining chairs of course play a very important role in accommodating this.

Dining room chairs can be quite a hefty investment, so you want to protect them as best as you can.

When used regularly they will show signs of wear and are also at greater risk of getting scratched or breaking. 

Seat covers are an excellent solution, particularly those that are made from plastic.

As they are clear they will not be visually apparent once they have been fitted to your seats, but they will be very effective in protecting them from the elements. 

I have selected our top five picks of the best products available and reviewed them for you in our guide below.

You will also find our buyers guide where I have provided you with lots of useful tips.

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Zipcase 4 Pack Stain, Water and Kitty Scratch Resistant Clear Dining Chair Covers/Slipcovers Chair Protector Waterproof PVC Material, 17”D x 18”W x 4”H with Adjustable Belt Strap, Set of 4

Great Clear Seat Covers Option

With lots of reviews, the Zipcase Waterproof Chair Protectors are a strong contender.

They are made from heavy-duty PVC polymer, a material that is resistant to scratching and scuffing.

Because of this, they are going to deliver long use without showing any visible signs of wear.

They are going to be compatible with the majority of chairs measuring between 16.5” to 18” long. 

A great thing about these chair protectors is that they are designed with a buckle adjustment which you can use to alter their size.

I also like how easy these covers are to fit your chair.

Simply lay the plastic along the seat, align it and make sure that they are neat before locking them into place using the buckle. 

These covers are easy to clean.

Should you accidentally spill any drinks or food on them, you can use a damp sponge to wipe them off and they will not be left with any stains.

If you wash them thoroughly in between uses, you must set them aside to dry out before using them again. 


  • Quantity - these covers are available in a 2 pack or a 4 pack so you can select the amount that you require.

  • Quality - thanks to the double reinforced joints, these are durable covers that are going to see you through many uses. 

  • Pet resistant - users who have purchased these and own pets have commented on how well they resisted scratching and breaking.


  • Size - the sizing runs a little big so you may find that they seem a little loose when attached to your chair. 


Evelots Dining Room/Kitchen Chair Cover/Protector-4 Pack- Heavy Duty Clear PVC Vinyl-No Dust/Spill/Pet Hair/Pet Claws, Easy Clean Slipcover

Top Choice Plastic Covers For Dining Chairs

If you are looking for plastic covers that are going to protect the entire chair rather than just the seat, look no further than the Evelots Clear Dining Room Chair Protectors.

They are ideal for occasions when you are decorating and need to protect your chairs from the paint, or instances where you are putting the chairs away for storage purposes.

Moreover, if you have pets, your chairs are not going to accumulate any fur or dust particles. 

Constructed from PVC plastic, these are good quality covers that are going to be effective in protecting your dining room chairs against damage.

They are approximately 23” long, 20” wide, 41” high, and .05mm thick.

As for compatibility, they are suitable for chairs that have backs measuring up to 23”.

Due to the design of these covers, they are not suitable for dining chairs that have arms. 

The plastic is easy to clean and any spills of food or liquid can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

After cleaning them, allow them to air dry before using them again.

They are going to be super easy to fit to your seats.

You simply need to slip the long side of the cover over the back panel of your seat first before pulling the rest into place.

Make any necessary adjustments until the covers look neat. 


  • Return policy - you are covered by a 30 day return policy and a 100% satisfaction guarantee so there is help available if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

  • Cost - they retail within an affordable price range thus making them a budget-friendly option. 

  • Quality - the plastic material is soft and this makes the covers comfortable to sit on. 


  • Appearance - according to the reviews of several users, these covers are not the most aesthetically pleasing so they may not appeal to everyone. 


SIWUTIAO 2 Pack Clear Plastic Dining Chair Covers, Reusable Thickened Soft PVC Seats Protector, Double-Sided Adjustable Waterproof Chairs Slipcover

Good Choice Plastic Chair Covers For Dining Room Chairs

Next, I have chosen these plastic dining room chair covers.

They are 22” wide, and 18” tall. 

As such, they are going to be suitable for dining chairs with a seat that measures between 19 and 22” long.

Moreover, they are going to be effective in protecting the cushions of your chairs against pet scratches, liquid spillages, and dust. 

In regards to construction, they have been made from heavy-duty PVC which has excellent resistance against wear and tear.

They are also waterproof so they will refrain from getting damaged following contact with liquids.

As highly transparent covers, they will not take away from the aesthetic of your dining room chair. 

To fit these covers, you will need to position them neatly on the cushion before securing them via the front adhesive tape and the buckle which is going to be located behind the seat.

You can also use this buckle to tighten the covers if necessary.

I are particularly impressed with the comfort of these covers.

The PVC is thick and soft so it is going to remain comfortable even during colder temperatures. 


  • Cleaning the covers - you can easily clean and maintain the quality of these covers by wiping them over with a damp cloth. 

  • Size availability - these covers come in two different sizes so you can select the ones that are going to be the most compatible with your dining room chairs.

  • Refund policy - when you purchase these covers, if you are unhappy with the quality, you can return them within 30 days to receive a refund. 


  • Smell - these covers emit a slightly strong smell when they are first opened so you will likely benefit from airing them before using them.


Houseables Plastic Chair Covers, Dining Chairs Fits 16” – 18” Seats, 2 Pack, Clear, Adjustable, PVC, Waterproof Protector, Vinyl Cover, Kids Seat Slipcover, for Kitchen, Cushion, with Straps

Top Choice Plastic Seat Covers For Dining Room Chairs

Retailing within an affordable price range, these plastic seat covers from the brand Houseables are a great option for individuals on a budget.

Not only will they protect your chairs from damage but they will also help them to retain their color over time.

They come in a two pack and are compatible with chairs that are between 16 and 18” long. 

Using the buckle, you can adjust the size of the cover so that it fits your chair properly.

If necessary, you can also cut the back section of the covers for a more customized fit.

As these covers have been constructed from polyvinyl chloride material they are durable and will deliver long-lasting use. 

Should you spill any food or drink onto these covers, you can clean them using a combination of soap and water and they will soon look as good as new.

After cleaning them, you will need to dry them thoroughly using a hand towel before using them again. 


  • Cost - Affordably priced, these seat covers are a good option for individuals on a budget.  

  • Assembly - A great thing about these covers is that they are super easy to attach to the cushions of your dining chair. 

  • Quality - these are durable seat covers that have been made from high-quality materials. 


  • Effectiveness - some users have stated that these covers are prone to sliding out of place, even when secured with the buckle and some people are likely to find this annoying. 


wokire 4 Pack Plastic Seat Covers for Dining Room Chairs Cover, Clear PVC Waterproof Protector Slipcovers with Adjustable Belt Strap, Fit Most 18-21 inch Seat

Good Choice of Plastic Seat Covers To Protect From Cats & Other Pets

For our final choice, I have selected the Wener Plastic Dining Room Chair Covers.

They measure 21 x 18” and are large enough to fit the majority of chairs that have seats that are between 18 and 21” long.

Not only are they going to be effective in protecting your chairs from spills and wear and tear, but they will also protect them against scratches if you have pets. 

As versatile covers, they are suitable for a range of purposes.

As well as being used for dining room chairs, they can also be used for bedroom chairs and office chairs.

They have been made from heavy-duty PVC polymer which is strong and durable.

Moreover, they are also completely clear so you will still be able to see the color of your seat cushion.

Installing these covers is a straightforward process.

Place the cover on the seat and adjust the position until it looks neat and fits correctly.

Once you are satisfied with the fit of these covers you will need to secure them in place using the front self-adhesive tape and the buckle. 


  • Comfort - the use of thick but soft PVC material creates comfortable covers that are comfortable to sit on.

  • Cleaning these covers - you can easily clean these covers and get rid of spills using a damp cloth. 

  • Fitting the covers - these covers will remain securely positioned once they have been fitted to your seat thanks to the velcro fastener and buckle strap.


  • Quality - Unfortunately, a few users have reported that these covers began to rip after a few weeks.

    For this reason, the quality could be improved. 

Buyer’s Guide

Before investing in plastic covers for your dining room chairs, there are a few factors that you will need to think about.

There are lots of options available so you must make sure that the ones you choose are right for your chairs.

Considering the following criteria will help you during the purchasing process. 

The Material 

The aim of this guide has been to find the best covers that are made from plastic.

Covers that have been made from good quality materials are going to deliver long-lasting use.

Ideally, the plastic should be slightly flexible so that it stretches over your seat without breaking.

The covers that I have listed are not only scratch resistant but they are also water-resistant.

Because of this, they will not become easily damaged.

A great thing about plastic covers is that they are transparent and this means that they will not take away from the color and design of your dining chairs.

In fact, with most chair covers, they will not be hugely noticeable once they have been fitted. 

The Type Of Cover

There are two different types of chair covers available.

This includes seat cushion covers or full chair covers. 

If you have dining room chairs that are fully upholstered, you may benefit from choosing full chair covers because they will protect all of the material against damage.

They also come in handy if you are decorating because they will not be exposed to paint.

The second type of cover; seat cushion covers are a popular choice.

They are just going to protect the material that covers the cushion rather than the entire chair.

You must select the covers that you feel are the best match for your set of dining chairs. 

The Size Of The Covers

You must make sure that the covers you choose are the right size for your dining room chairs.

Measure your chair beforehand as you will then be able to focus your search for compatible covers.

Avoid overstretching the covers as this increases the risk of them splitting and ripping.

Some covers will come in a few different sizes and this gives you more choice when it comes to selecting the ones that are going to be the best fit for your chair.

Fitting The Covers

Fitting the covers to your dining room chairs should be a straightforward process.

If the covers are not designed with a strap buckle or some sort of self-adhesive tape it is likely that they will become loose and slide around as you attempt to sit on them.

With most covers, you will simply need to lay them on the cushion before positioning them accurately and securing them in place.

If you choose whole chair covers you will need to slide the long section onto the back of the chair before securing the rest of the cover on the cushion.

Cleaning The Covers

There is a chance that food and drink may be spilled onto your dining room chairs.

Because of this, they should be easy to clean and maintain.

The majority of seat covers are intended for reuse.

To clean them, you will usually need to use a damp cloth or some soap and water.

You will then need to allow them to dry naturally before using them again.

It is important to check the product specifications as the manufacturers will state the recommended cleaning procedure. 

Making Adjustments

If the covers seem a little loose after you have fitted them to your chairs, you will need to adjust them.

You will find that most chairs have a buckle that you can use to make the necessary adjustments.

After tightening them, you will notice that they do not move out of place as much.


The covers should be comfortable.

If they are too stiff or the material is too tough, they are likely to be quite uncomfortable.

Those that are made from thick but soft material are going to be the preferred option and they are going to be more comfortable for you to sit on.

The Cost

Plastic dining chair covers are a pretty affordable purchase.

You will usually find that a four pack of chair covers are more expensive than a two pack of covers but this, of course, is to be expected because you are getting more for your money.

It is important to establish a balance between price and quality to make sure that you access the best quality products.

You may find that covers which are slightly more expensive are more visually pleasing than the cheaper covers but this isn’t always the case.

In fact, you will find many great covers that are not going to break the bank.

Refund Policy

Many manufacturers will offer a refund policy with their products.

If you are not happy with the quality of the chair products that you receive, you can return them within a certain time frame to receive a full refund for your purchase.

Other products are going to be covered by a warranty.

Essentially this reflects the manufacturer's confidence in their product.

A refund policy or warranty will not be offered with all products so you must determine whether this is going to influence the product that you choose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Cover A Dining Room Chair With Fabric?

The manufacturers of the seat covers will likely provide you with guidance regarding how they should be fitted.

In most cases, you will need to turn your chair upside down and then remove the screws that keep the cushion attached to the chair frame.

You will then need to lay your plastic flat and start with the sides of the chair before moving onto the corners and folding the cover into place. 

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