How to Create Easy DIY Painted Chairs

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Painted chairs are an elegant addition to your home and should not only be suitable for kids’ rooms. There is no need to dispose of the old and tired furniture from your home.

However, you should consider learning a few DIY techniques to paint them. You will easily transform a chair into a perfect work of art by applying paint.

DIY painting is easy, and you will only require paint and a brush. Besides, you can gather different furniture styles and paint them to match your home décor.

Before you begin the DIY painting, it is paramount that you collect the materials you will require. You can paint the chair by using a paintbrush or a paint sprayer.

Other materials that you need include; furniture paint, sandpaper, paint (topcoat and finish), and spray shelter.

Easy way to paint chairs

Step 1: Choose a location where you will be painting

Painting gets messy, especially if you are using a paint sprayer. Thus, you should select a place you will paint the chairs from.

The next thing is to protect the area. It would be best to find a place outside the house or a basement. The weather can spoil the painting moment, and thus having a basement is recommended.

To ensure that the paint is contained, it is advisable that you set up a small tent or even use drop cloths.

Step 2: Preparation of the chairs

You should remove any woven material on the chair since the paint will stain it. Also, you should remove cloth seats since the paint sprayer is messy.

Ensure that the chair is all wood and use a cleaner to remove dust, grease, and any other dirt.

Cleaning the chair is important and should be the first thing when beginning the DIY painting.

Step 3: Sanding

Sanding the chair is an important step that should not be overlooked.

Sanding clans the dirt and removes loose paint that was peeling off. In case your chair has a shiny or slick surface, make sure to sand it lightly.

In addition, the chair might have a rough surface, and to smoothen it, you should use sandpaper.

Step 4: Priming

Even though it is not a must to use primer, dark and white chairs’ use of primer with light color is commendable.

Step 5: Paint using a paint sprayer or paintbrush

There are numerous paint sprayers, and it would be best to select one that you are familiar with.

Besides, make sure the paint sprayer can accommodate most paints. The benefit of using a paint sprayer is that you don’t have to be afraid of the amount of water you will add to the paint.

You can use a manual to learn how to use the paint sprayer.

Whether black, white, or any color, the type of paint you select depends on your taste and preference. You should select paints that are durable will yield the desired outcome.

After you have selected the paint, then stir the paint appropriately and add it to the reservoir of the paint sprayer or use a paintbrush.

Make sure to move back and forth while painting your chair. In addition, make sure that the stroke overlaps the previous stroke you made. The strokes should be made slowly.

Continuously turn the chair to ensure that you paint each side of the chair uniformly.

Painting the legs of the chair can be challenging. For uniformity, it is best that you turn the chair upside down.

After painting, let the paint dry. It is best that you apply another layer of the same paint for maximum coverage.

Step 6: Seal your chair

After you’ve applied the last layer of the paint, it is paramount to seal it with a topcoat.

Sealing your chairs with a topcoat is recommendable since it will last longer will resist peeling off. Besides, the sealer is a finishing agent, and the chair will appear decorative.

To ensure the paint finish is decorated, make sure to apply two layers and let the furniture dry.

Using a paint sprayer is faster than a paintbrush. Upon applying the paint finish, the outcome will be more than you expected, and you should be careful while handling the chair before it dries completely.


You can easily transform an old and tired chair through the easy paint DIY technique instead of disposing of it.

Some of the materials you will require to create an easy DIY painted chair include;

a) Furniture painting
b) Sandpaper
c) Paint
d) Spray shelter

The easiest way to create a DIY painted chair is as outlined;

Step 1: Choosing a location to paint from
Step 2: Preparation of the chairs
Step 3: Sanding
Step 4: Priming
Step 5: Paint by using either a paint sprayer or paintbrush
Step 6: Seal your chair with finish