Can You Sand Paper Mache?

Yes, you can sand paper Mache.

However, obtaining a fine finish out of a paper Mache craft is difficult, due to the essence of its material.

Even so, getting a smooth finish from the project is possible, whereby sanding is one of the ways to get it done. 

Let me show you how to sand paper mache step by step…

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Preparation Of Paper Mache

Preparing paper Mache can be done as a simple do-it-yourself project at home, especially with children.

Different approaches can be used when making Paper Mache.

1. Method 1

All that is needed is strips of paper tissue or newspaper, water, some flour, and a bowl.

I believe these items are all readily available in the house. Water and flour are mixed, to form a consistent paste.

The strips of newspaper or tissue paper are then immersed in the thick mush up to a point of saturation.

These pieces are carefully removed from the paste and placed on the surface and given time to fully dry out.

These strips can also be put on top of an item, to make a cast.

Upon the hardening of the object, the material can then be trimmed and smoothened through sanding.

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2. Method 2

The pieces of paper are stuck together using glue or any other preferred adhesive.

Some kind of base is required, upon which the pieces of paper will be glued.

Once the craft is fully put together, it should be allowed to harden as the adhesive dries.

After this, any kind of embellishment can be done. At this point, sanding can be used to smoothen the craft’s surface.

Sanding Paper Mache

Even though you delicately prepared your paper Mache craft, you will likely notice some bumpy or rough parts on the craft’s surface.

This should be nothing to worry about because there is an easy way to make the surface neat and even, without ruining the craft.

Pick a piece of sand paper and apply very little force while holding it against the Paper Mache craft.

Begin rubbing the sand paper on the lumpy parts of the Paper Mache craft, while exerting as minimal pressure as possible.

It is important to do this gently, to avoid causing any damage to the craft.

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Choosing The Right Sand Paper for Paper Mache

For sanding to be clean and effective for the paper Mache craft, the fundamental factor to consider is the grit of the sand paper.

Different grits deliver varying results and choosing a suitable one determines the outcome of your Paper Mache craft.

Ensure that the sand paper that you use has very fine grit and has moderate coarseness.

This ensures that even though the sand paper is abrasive, it is still gentle to the craft and does not end up tearing the Paper Mache or making it rougher.

Can Paper Mache Be Sanded?

Yes, it is possible to sand Paper Mache.

In addition to this, not only do we know what paper Mache is, but also how it is prepared, used, and smoothened through sanding.

We also have a better understanding of the best kind of sand paper to use for our paper Mache projects. 

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