How To Sand A Door

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I used to hire so called “experts” to do DIY tasks around the house but between purchasing materials and paying for their “expertise” I soon found I was losing more time and money than I wished especially for the sub-part results I was often receiving in return.

So, I decided to do the jobs myself. Doing the work for yourself does not mean you cannot turn resources for assistance; you can utilize a YouTube tutorial, a specific manuscript for this job, and the necessary blog post to get guidelines.

After realizing that I can do most simple DIY task with minimum difficulties, I thought it would be beneficial to share this information with you to use the same skills to develop your product or repair something for yourself.

Doing the task for yourself will assist you in saving time, save money, and gain experience and knowledge on how to perform the job. It also eliminates the problematic link between the householder and the expert decorator.

How To Sand A Door

Step 1: Place on the ground a newspaper or a drop material around the working station.

Put on a face mask to avoid breathing in particles when sanding.

Step 2: Sand the door with an average grade (60-140 grit) scrape until the coat is eliminated, deep abrasions are gone, and the door unlocks freely and also closes freely on the internal portion of the edge of the door is sticking.

If the door is moderately smooth, begin with 60-grit.

Step 3: Sand the door with fine adequate grade (130-200-grit) sandpaper to eliminate scratches generated by the average-grit sandpaper.

Step 4: Sand with precise fine-grade (240-260-grit) sandpaper to make a smooth finish on the wood door.

Step 5: Wipe the wood door with a tactic material to clean and eliminate all dust particles.

In conclusion, by following the above five steps, you can be able to do the task for yourself with a lot of confidence and be successful without you hiring a professional to do the work, this will saves time, save money, and you will gain experience on how to sand and decorate your items.