6 Highly Unusual Coffee Tables (#3 Is Extremely Quirky!)

If you're the type of person who enjoys lounging around in your sitting room sipping a coffee or tea whilst reading a good book then a nice coffee table is a must.

Even if you don't do any of that and just like having a stylish centrepiece in the room then a coffee table looks superb.

So below there's 6 unusual coffee tables in a manner of shapes and sizes from wine barrel to pedestal to marble to acrylic to mid century, to ones with wheels and ottomans underneath and beyond.

Let's get right to it...

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1. Pedestal Coffee Table

A pedestal table is one supported by a central column and has a smooth top, despite typically only having 1 supporting leg / column they are designed to be sturdy and there's no wobble so your coffee is safe (unless you yourself knock it over!).

Typically these tables are not too high so you can kick your feet up onto the table (if you're that type of person who doesn't stress about marking it like I do!) and watch some television

2. Coffee Table With Ottomans Underneath

Coffee tables with Ottomans underneath refers to a coffee table with a piece of furniture that doubles up as a storage box underneath it.

It's an efficient way to safe space, keep your sitting room tidy, and still look stylish.

3. Barrel Coffee Tables

Barrel tables are made out of old barrels previously used in alcohol production like wine, whisky, and bourbon then once no longer needed are turned sanded down and turned into rustic looking furniture.

Wine Barrel 

These are common in Spanish tapas bars where old wine barrels are turned into simple tables for enjoying your tapas and vino on, and they look great!

They'll also look stunning in your sitting room.

Whisky Barrel 

If Whisky is more your thing than Wine then perhaps you want a whisky barrel coffee table instead.

Bourbon Barrel

Maybe you're more of a Bourbon drinker and would prefer a Bourbon barrel coffee table.

4. Marble Coffee Tables

These are exactly as they sound, tables made from marble and they look great but can be expensive.

Another issue is they scratch easily and stains are hard to remove, so be warned. 

5. Acrylic Coffee Tables

Acrylic is a material made from synthetic resins and fibre, it's a textile, and plastic like.

It's a great material to use for tables because it's strong, durable, and easy to form meaning it should last a long time.

The reason acrylic is used in furniture is it can be moulded into unusual shapes that really stand out in any home, so you can have an unique centre piece in your sitting room that people comment on.

6. Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

These are pieces of furniture that look mid century (i.e. middle of the 20th century  which is roughly 1933 to 1965) but are modern made, and can make your home appear rustic yet modern.

They look fantastic with dining room chairs and bamboo flooring.

These are also common DIY projects for budding carpenters if you fancy making one from scratch.

Which Style Of Unusual Coffee Table Will You Choose?

Now you've seen a selection of the most unusual coffee tables which will you choose for your home?

Whether it's a barrel coffee table, one made from acrylic or marble, a table with a pedestal or one that comes with ottomans there's plenty to be excited about.

Best of luck with whatever you choose and I hope this post inspired you a little.

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