4 DIY Shiplap Ball Toss Games That Will Provide Endless Fun For You And The Kids

If you ever want a quick, easy, and incredibly fun DIY project (not just fun to make but to play with afterwards too) then creating a "shiplap ball toss game" (aka "Toss Football") is a great choice.

It's fun to play with your kids and family and a great activity for when you have guests over for a BBQ or garden party. Seriously...

Adults LOVE playing this game as much as the kids if not more, trust me!

And it's so easy and inexpensive to create as you just need at the bare minimum some wood, a hammer and some nails, and if you choose to some paint for the wood (not even 100% necessary).

So, if you'd like to make your own then here are 4 of the best shiplap ball toss games for your inspiration...

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1. Cherished Bliss DIY Football Game

Ashley from CherishedBliss.com is a mum of 3, wife, and dog owner who loves coffee, photography, and the smell of fresh sawdust (that is quite nice, actually!).

She shares how to build an awesome DIY Shiplap football game like the one below on her blog...

2. Reality Day Dream Monster Toss Yard Game

Beth (and her husband Nick) run the Reality Day Dream blog and are living their dream of fixing up their historic mansion whilst documenting the process and their lives, which I adore!

I think this crazy, and I assume / hope, photoshopped picture sums them (and the chaotic life most families live) up nicely...

They created their Monster Toss Yard Game because they love to entertain especially in the garden and keep it casual so when they were challenged to create an outdoor game they rose to the challenge.

This is the awesome result which they shared on their blog, isn't it adorable...

3. Field Treasure Designs Football Toss Game

Andrew started Field Treasure Designs in his garage by making things for his own home and sharing them online, before long he was selling them on Etsy all over the world. 

He's no an influencer in the "maker" space and hosts his own podcast. 

Here's the awesome, and very rustic and classy, football toss game he created and kindly shared on his blog...

4. Mom4Reals DIY Football Toss

Jessica describes herself as a mom on a mission to show other women you can live well without breaking the bank, she shares her thrifty tips and creative strategies to try and help spark creativity in others.

It certainly works as after seeing this football toss you'll be inspired to be creative and build one for yourself, see the design on her blog...

Which DIY Shiplap Ball Toss Game Will You Make?

These are my 5 favourite DIY shiplap ball toss games that you can build yourself even if you're not overly creative as they are so simple to make. 

And think of the fun both you and your kids will have and any guests you have over to visit, honestly they will love you for this and remember the occasion for years!

So please, if you're looking for a fun DIY game for the garden, then pick one of these and get started.