Glowforge Vs Cricut (Pros, Cons, Differences)

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Cricut and glowforge machines are handy with craft projects. They can cut through a lot of material; you should add one of these machines to your craft stash.

Deciding between the two machines can be challenging. They are both very effective and popular in the crafting world, but there are similarities and differences.

You have to consider your needs before you make a purchase. Both of them have unique features that can help you create different designs.

To help you decide, I will share the pros, cons, and differences for glowforge and Cricut.


Glowforge can engrave and cut multiple laser-compatible materials. You need a level, sturdy workplace for the machine to be effective.

There are three models basic, plus, and pro glowforge machines. It depends on how much you want to create and how much you are willing to spend.

People keep testing different materials on the machine. I recommend you stick to the approved materials; they are easy to engrave or cut.

There are a lot of proof-grade materials designed to work effortlessly. Using proof-grade materials is the best decision for a starter.

If you want to try new materials, always do a small test to see if the machine can cut or engrave them.


  • Easy to use. Even someone with zero experience can use the machine comfortably. There is room for learning and growing your skills.
  • Glowforge has some pre-programmed settings.
  • It produces high-quality results; it’s the best machine when you want detailed work.
  • Software compatibility is also an advantage when using glowforge. It accepts multiple file formats, including PDF and JPG.
  • The machine has a tracing function to add hand-drawn authenticity to all your creations.


  • Glowforge laser is a bit noisy
  • There LCD screen on the machine


Cricut machines are modern die-cutting machines. With the correct blades, they can cut through the vinyl, paper, and so much more.

It connects to your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth or with a cable. The amazing modern features make these machines appealing to most people.

There are three options Cricut maker, Cricut joy, and Cricut explore air 2. When you have limited space and usually have small projects, Cricut joy is the best option.

Do your homework and compare before you decide on the Cricut model.


  • Cricut is also great for beginners because it’s easy to set up.
  • Its wireless; you can upload and create designs from the comfort of your computer.
  • It can cut over 100 types of materials; you can change the settings without changing the blade.
  • You can cut and write simultaneously and save a lot of time. They deliver clean cuts every time.
  • You will be able to use old cartridges


  • Cutting tools, premium designs, and cartridges are bought separately
  • There is limited cutting space

Differences Between Glowforge vs Cricut

These two machines have some notable differences. Comparing them requires you to look at the differences.

Glowforge is huge, you can’t carry it around, and they need a lot of working space. Cricut machines, (which you can find free SVG files for Circuit Machine ) on the other hand, come in various sizes.

You can find a compact design that is easy to move around. You can easily find space to store it, and they are also aesthetically pleasing.

Glowforge uses a laser for cutting, engraving, and scoring. Cricut uses blades to cut materials; that is the fundamental difference you will note about the two machines.

The price of glowforge is a bit high; if you want some flexibility or have limited funds, you should opt for Cricut. But glowforge is great for entry-level.

It’s easier to make designs without prior skills using glowforge than Cricut. But if you are looking for a digital piece with plenty of features, Cricut is your best bet.

Cricut is compatible with more file types than glowforge. But there is still a variety of projects you can do with both machines.

Cut precision also has a slight difference. They are both very effective and precise, but glowforge delivers a professional finish.

Cricut machines are quieter; if you are bothered by the sounds, Glowforge machines make you will be better off with Cricut. The noise is quite loud and distracting when you are trying to put designs together.

You will have to take more precautions using glowforge than Cricut. They are both equally safe machines, but one demands more precautions than the other.

Kids can help you create when using any of the two machines, but it’s easier for them when it’s glowforge.

Glowforge vs Cricut

These are the main pros, cons, and differences you need to know before buying a Cricut or glowforge. When you consider everything, purchasing the right machine for your needs won’t be hard.