How To Attach Grease Gun To Zerk Fitting? (Step By Step Guide)

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I am 38 years old married woman with kids.

During the last school holidays I taught my kids how to cut the grass with a lawnmower so they could learn skills they should have for the future.

However the machine broke down because of overuse and needed to be lubricated, something I taught my kids too.

Attaching a grease gun to zerk fitting can be overwhelming if you don’t know the basic guidelines to follow though.

Surprisingly, I find it easy to handle the problem by myself, so I decided to help a friend with a step-to-step guide on attaching a grease gun to zerk fitting.

Step by Step guide to attach grease gun to zerk fitting on a machine

Step 1: Assemble The Grease Gun

Assemble the grease gun to set it right. Set the coupler with the hosepipe; this helps to reach the far ends of the machine.

Step 2: Notice The Four-Jaw Construction

You will notice a four-jaw construction on the coupler. It has a knob to adjust the position manually to the required direction.

They are spread out at first and you will see space between the four jaws.

Step 3: Screw It Tightly

Turn the coupler to screw it up carefully. You will notice the four jaw construction closing up.

Be sure that, by doing so, the connection between the coupler and any joint attaches correctly.

Step 4: Locate The “Nipple”

You are aware that grease filling/ zerk fitting has a small nipple with a ball bearing and a small loophole.

Look to find it. The hole indicates four jaw constructions in the coupler.

Step 5: Attach

Now fit the zerk fitting to the coupler. Check to ensure the grease gun and coupler fit together correctly.

Step 6: Check It’s Firmly In

Carefully turn the coupler so that it presses down the jaw constructions to hold the zerk fitting firmly by the shoulder.

Note down that shoulder is found under the ball bearing part of the grease fitting.

Keep on pressing it until the zerk fitting fits well and firmly. Then you need to tighten it up with the help of coupler settings.

Step 7: Test It

Once the four jaw coupler clamps down onto the fitting tightly, remove your hands carefully and the machine is ready for use.

The process is fast and easy.

Step 8: Screw Tightly

Ensure you have screwed the grease just right to make the grease gun spread the lubricant to your machine before use.

Screw the zerk fitting tight with the grease gun; otherwise, the zerk fitting might pop out from the grease gun, which is common with the grease fitting in the grease gun.

Step 9: Let The Lubricant Flow

Finally, pull the grease gun trigger to let the lubricant flow. Do not overfill it with grease.

Usually, three to four pumps are enough grease to avoid dust and sand attraction to the zerk fitting.

It is important to note that grease gun causes injuries are severe.

Therefore, you need to be careful during the whole process or consider buying protective equipment from stores.

What is a grease gun?

Before giving a guideline, it is important to understand what a grease gun is. It is a common tool with a small compartment to hold lubricant; one can find it in garages or workshops.

Some grease guns are electric, whereas others are air-powered.

A grease gun applies lubricant through an opening joint, usually from a grease cartridge, to a zerk fitting, which directs the lubricant to where it is required.

What is a zerk fitting?

Zerk fittings, also known as grease fittings, are permanent and used to lubricate joints.

Some people refer to it as a grease nipple as they have a nipple shape with a ball inside that rolls around to secure it against harm.


I hope this guide will help you to attach grease gun to zerk fitting.

It is an easy guide to master and prevents you from booking appointments for someone to do and giving out cash.

With time, you gain experience to work for someone else.