How To Fix A Broken Mug? (Step by Step Guide)

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Crafting is my first passion. I fell in love with it from a tender age because it allows me to express myself through art. I craft some beautiful items for friends, family, and users at a small fee, and they always turn out quite impressive.

Today, I will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to fix a broken mug.

You can do this on your own or with the help of a friend or family member.

The process only takes one or two hours, although it highly depends on the damage to the cup. If you follow the guide keenly, you will have admirable results.

Let’s delve deeper into this…

Step 1: Gather the Materials

The most important part of this whole process is to have your broken mug pieces. Regardless of the damage to the cup, always ensure you collect all the pieces and keep them safe for repair.

With the pieces with you, gather all the other materials you will be needing for this DIY.

The materials include:
• Glue
• Warm soapy water
• Gloves
• Masking tape
• Sand in a bucket
• A clean, dry kitchen cloth
• Epoxy
• Hardener
• Popsicle stick.

For the glue, you can alternatively pick porcelain or glue repair gel, which is waterproof, fast-drying, solid, and long-lasting.

If you opt for another glue type, ensure that it is dish-washer free.

But today, I will use epoxy and a hardener mixer. The last and the most fundamental thing you need, after gathering the materials, is patience.

This will win you an efficient and effective mug fixation.

Step 2: Clean the Mug Pieces

Gather all the pieces of the broken mug. Place the pieces in a bowl containing clean, warm water.

Gently clean them up and wipe them with a clean kitchen cloth.

Remember to use hand gloves while cleaning to prevent cuts caused by the broken sharp pieces.

After washing, leave them for a few minutes on the table to dry completely.

Step 3: Set Up the Broken Mug

Once the pieces have thoroughly dried up, place the central cup into a bucket of sand with the part that needs repair pointing upwards.

This will give you space to work with both hands and expose the exact repair spot. It also makes it easy for you to apply the glue.

Step 4: Prepare an Epoxy Solution

Thoroughly mix equal amounts of epoxy and hardener in a clean, dry bucket using an ice pop stick.

Ensure that you scrape all-round the bowl several times while mixing.

This will ensure that the epoxy and hardener get well integrated with no air bubbles or rough texture.

Step 5: Apply the Mixture on the Broken Edges

Align the broken pieces together and then apply the epoxy mixer immediately on the edges of the main body breaks using the ice pop stick.

Use as much mixer as you need. Remember, the larger the epoxy quantity, the faster the mug’s DIY and the working time.

Step 6: Fix the Mug

Hold the attached pieces together for a few minutes, then take a masking tape and place it on both sides of the cracks.

Once you are sure that the mug gets perfectly attached, remove the masking tape and clean up the repair surface with a clean, dry cloth.

Now you have a perfectly fixed mug for use, as good as new. If you have more broken mugs you haven’t trashed, you can repeat this process and fix them up.

This will save you money and time for budgeting for new mugs.

Besides, you can also fix rare mugs you want to archive for memorial purposes.

You don’t have to replace your favourite mug or throw away that mug you highly treasure.

You can fix it up in easy steps. You simply need to place the broken piece in a bucket of sand, apply an epoxy solution and attach all the other pieces, hold them together for a while then use a masking tape to hold the pieces together for some time, and there you have it!

Your fixed mug ready for use. You too can perform this simple magic.

Good luck as you bring your mug back to life.