3 Best Peel And Stick Grasscloth Wallpapers

Placing some new wallpaper around your home can be very stressful. 

It can be difficult finding just the right color, texture and design to fit your house that you know you will still like the look of down the line.

This is where peel and stick wallpaper comes in, being a temporary option that can be applied and taken off easily.

It is an extremely good choice if you're moving into a new house and want to try out a few options, or you just like changing the exterior of your house to match a certain mood or season.

Grasscloth designs are among some of the most high-quality materials and very durable.

They are easier to install than most other wallpaper options and having a wide variety of modern designs, patterns and textures to choose from.

Some grasscloth wallpapers can be better than others however depending on their length, weight, design and ease of use.

So to make the process of choosing the right wallpaper much easier, I have compiled some of the best peel and stick grasscloth wallpapers on the market today that will be sure to brighten up any room you apply it too.

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Yancorp 10ft Textured Fabric Gray Wallpaper Faux Grasscloth Grey Peel and Stick Wallpaper Self-Adhesive Wallpaper Linen Removable Wallpaper Cabinets Counter Top Liners

If you are looking for a grasscloth wallpaper that is of great quality, affordable and most importantly easy to set up, the Yancorp may be what you’re looking for.

The Yancorp is incredibly easy to apply, simply requiring a few inches of the backing material to be pulled off and sticking it to the wall, starting in one corner and moving to the other.

This smooth process barely requires instructions for how easy it is to use with little need to worry about the wallpaper sticking together or to the ceiling or floor for how careful and smooth the application is.

And is an excellent option if you just want to skip the normal lengthy process of putting up and painting wallpaper.

This is not to suggest that the material itself is bad, in fact the textured surface along with it being waterproof makes the design incredibly durable and smooth.

Just try to avoid putting it in a shower as the material is not supposed to withstand a constant stream of water, however it will be resistant against the occasional spill or splash.

The wallpaper also has handy line grids on the back that are easy to use while applying and can be great for cutting the wallpaper to an accurate length and making sure there are no loose ends.

The Yancorp unfortunately only comes in a gray variant however this is still a deep palette that can mix with mostly any living room.


  • Very cheap price point for great quality
  • Easy to use backing material (Very reusable, great for beginners)
  • Back paper line featured makes it very easy to cut
  • Durable material resistant against scratches and waterproof
  • Material is non-toxic making it easy to experiment with different walls


  • Only available in gray color
  • One roll is quite small, buying two is recommended for medium walls


RoomMates RMK9031WP Tan Faux Grasscloth Non-Textured Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Large Sample

Choose this if you're looking for peel and stick grasscloth wallpaper that comes in a bigger size with a wide range of colours, and is super easy to apply. 

Variation is the biggest benefit of the RoomMates grasscloth wallpaper.

The wallpaper comes in a size of 198 x 20.5 inches giving you a lot of space for when you need to cut, along with a range of colors to choose from all at an affordable price.

So whether you are looking for a new temporary wallpaper in tan, pink, blue or beige, the multiple options you have with RoomMates makes it a great option if you can’t decide or are a bit picky with coloring.

The wallpaper itself is very easy to apply, only requiring you to measure the wall, smoothen out your wallpaper onto the wall and then start peeling while cutting off any excess.

This stick and peel wallpaper also uses a proprietary adhesive that will resist pulling off paint or damaging walls when you take it off, even if it is after an extensive period of time.

This wallpaper is not only great quality and effortless to up and apply, it’s variation and affordable price make it perfect to pick a paper for a particular time of the year or event or to even buy multiple colors in bulk to switch them around when you like.


  • Proprietary adhesive prevents damage when peeling off
  • Easy set up with no mess, no paste or water required
  • No sticky residue makes repositioning and replacing easy
  • Great distance for cheap price


  • Only one length
  • Reported lack of instructions on how to align edges


NuWallpaper NU3010 Grey and White Brick Peel & Stick Wallpaper, Multicolor

Choose this if you're looking for peel and stick grasscloth wallpaper that is easy to install, has that concrete brick look, is extremely flexible, and has a unique look.

Maybe you want an easy to set up peel and stick wallpaper that has a design that looks like something entirely different.

The NuWallpaper comes in two color variations, white and red, however the design is styled as if it were made of concrete bricks.

Making the wallpaper look very industrial even though it is actually completely smooth.

This design can be great to add some different scenery into the house or if you want one area, such as a bedroom or kitchen, that has a unique surrounding to it that looks like a nice cozy brick house, which in reality is easy to use grasscloth peel and stick wallpaper.

The paper is also extremely flexible and can be applied to everything from cabinets to stairs.

If you are looking for a peel and cloth wallpaper with a unique design and want to replicate the feeling of being in a cozy brick featured house that is easy to set up and remove at any time, the NuWallpaper is the perfect choice.


  • Unique brick design creates a seasonal cozy atmosphere
  • Quick and easy install makes application and repositioning simple
  • Flexibility means it can be attached and plastered around any surfaces
  • Both color variations are made of fantastic authentic quality


  • 1 roll is quite small so buying multiple is recommended for medium sized walls


Blooming Wall: Faux Grasscloth Pattern Wallpaper Roll for Livingroom Bedroom, 20.8 in*32.8 Ft=57 Sq.ft (Green/Turquoise Blue)

The Blooming Wall offers another striking design, along with being extremely lengthy ensuring you have enough from one purchase to place it wherever you like around the house.

With a variety of color options, the Blooming Wall wallpaper can be hung horizontally or vertically and is covered in solid sheet vinyl coating, giving it a striking shiny texture and design that will be sure to catch the attention of any visitors.

If you want to make the colors pop out or shine even before, try experimenting with different lighting in your house as this can change the look of the colors greatly.

Along with its silky design, the wallpaper is also very thick making it durable and reliable in the long term, and is water resistant.

The Blooming Wall also comes in a staggering length of 20.8 inches by 1 yards long.

Meaning rather than potentially needing to buy multiple just to fit around the house or even a room, this length ensures you will have more than enough to use from just the one affordable price point.

Of course being peel and stick, it is also very easy to apply simply requiring the user to measure out the intended distance, cutting and then sticking.

Customers have reported this product being very easy to apply even in tight corners or hard to reach ceilings which can be annoying to get to and can cause the paper to stick together, this is not the case with Blooming Wall however.

For a slick design you can experiment with that is also long enough to place anywhere you desire in the house, consider choosing the Blooming Wall Grasscloth wallpaper.


  • Great choice of unique designs to experiment in different seasons
  • Stunning dark green and turquoise blue primary color variation
  • Very long length in a single roll along with easy cutting paper line
  • Water resistant makes it a great choice for bathrooms


  • Materials is not scratch proof and can be damaged around pets


Birwall Faux Grasscloth Linen Texture Wallpaper Wall Paper for Livingroom Kitchen Bedroom,20.8 in*31.1Ft=54 Sq.ft (54 Sq.ft/Roll, Beige-02)

The Birwall may be a bit more pricey, however you will not be wasting your money as it comes with a non-prepared vinyl coating that is beautiful to look at, easy to apply and can even be washed regularly to make sure it remains soft and clear.

The Birwall comes in three striking colors, beige, light blue and dark blue, all having a soft and shiny texture to them that can add a sense of atmosphere to any room or house.

The grasscloth texture of course means it is similarly very easy to put up but also to cut, ensuring there is no excess of loose ends after you apply the wallpaper.

Covering 54 square feet, the one roll is enough to cover the vast majority of a house or an entire room, so you can be sure your money is going towards an extensive, durable and long-lasting product.

The wallpaper also comes included with very handy operation instructions, these are often left absent from most wallpaper sets so can be great to see how exactly to apply it if you are new, or just need a reminder.

It will also tell the user how you can easily remove the wallpaper and wash it, ensuring it remains nice and clean for when visitors arrive.

Overall if you don’t mind spending a bit more for a product that is sure to last you at least a few years down the line, comes in striking colors and is still easy to set up with instructions included, the Birwall Grasscloth Wallpaper is the best on the market right now.


  • Various colors to choose, great for repositioning to experiment
  • Very long perfect for larger walls with one roll
  • Washable material cleans any excess or pet fur quickly
  • Beautiful non prepasted vinyl coating
  • Useful instructions included for easy and accurate setup


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Large frame can make it difficult to apply with one person

Buyer’s Guide

Wallpapers are a great addition to buy for any homeowner, whether you are just moving in or just want a changeup of style and design around your house.

However while the pattern and design is important, there are a few other features to make sure you look out for so you are getting the best quality for the amount you pay.


Of course the design, pattern and texture is what is going to be seen and what you are buying the wallpaper for at the end of the day.

So making sure it is a style that will fit with the rest of your house or room, and one that you know you will still like in the future, is crucial.

There are a variety of designs to choose from that apply to grasscloth peel and stick wallpapers.

Wood is the most common and can come in some colorful variants as seen in the Blooming Wall design.

Blooming Wall: Faux Grasscloth Pattern Wallpaper Roll for Livingroom Bedroom, 20.8 in*32.8 Ft=57 Sq.ft (Green/Turquoise Blue)
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However stone and brick such as with the NuWallpaper is also becoming popular.

NuWallpaper NU3010 Grey and White Brick Peel & Stick Wallpaper, Multicolor
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This is great for when you want to design some walls around a particular theme, the current season or to make your house feel like a cabin or even a castle if you wish.

Whatever your preference, there will be a design that fits it, and with peel and cloth wallpaper being so easy to apply and remove they are a great option for trying out some of these designs, without the fear of having to have them be covering your walls permanently.


The material or type of wallpaper is also very important as they all differ in quality and how they look.

Vinyl, which is made of vinyl film over a flexible fabric, is the most popular kind of wallpaper on the market with almost all grasscloth peel and stick wallpapers being based around this material with other additions then added on.

The popularity of vinyl is for good reason with it being very durable and often resistant to water and stains.

It is also more often than not a material that can be washed which is a great feature for wallpapers that can be slipped off and scrubbed quickly without degrading.

It is also very lightweight and compared to other materials, can be placed easily on smooth surfaces and comes in a variety of dazzling colors that come in all variations.

The thinness of vinyl does mean it can be scratched and torn easier than some other materials, so do keep this in mind if you have a pet you feel might interfere with it, however it is still the cheapest yet most efficient option on the market.

Some other materials include textile which is usually made of natural fibers like linen and cotton, but is still very reliable and available in a huge array of patterns and styles, and paper wallpaper which tears very easily, but is extremely cheap and with a bit of preparation, can look nice and shiny once applied to a few walls.


One thing users will often forget about until the end is the length of your chosen wallpaper.

Wallpaper that is too short can cause many problems if you have bigger walls, you could have empty rows and patches, you may have to turn the paper in a way you did not intend, and if it comes to it you may have to buy more rolls or even return your original one if you are not satisfied.

You should always be able to buy one roll that can cover enough distance for a living room for example or a room fairly easily, just make sure to check the length when buying to make sure it is not selling you short.

Remember if you want your wallpaper to fit perfectly and are planning to stretch it around some areas of your house, make sure to measure the wall length along with its height, door length and height, window length and even any plug socket measurements.

As the last thing you want to is to buy and set up wallpaper only to struggle with stretching it around appliances.

If you are planning to cover a larger area and may need more than just one roll of wallpaper such as with the NuWallpaper, just make sure the rolls have enough length to cover the surface area you have calculated.


It’s important to make sure you are getting the best quality for what you pay, so it is also worth looking at some of the deeper details of peel and stick wallpapers to make sure they have all the features you paid for.

Some of these include adhesive materials such as the RoomMates wallpaper that will help tear off a wall without leaving any damage.

This is a staple among the pricier peel and stick wallpaper, so always make sure this is an added feature so you don’t spend lots on wallpaper that can tear and damage your walls.

Resistance to water is also a feature that comes with the majority of peel and stick wallpapers.

Especially if they are regular prices, along with a resistance to moisture in general such as with the Blooming Wall for example.

Blooming Wall: Faux Grasscloth Pattern Wallpaper Roll for Livingroom Bedroom, 20.8 in*32.8 Ft=57 Sq.ft (Green/Turquoise Blue)
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Finally, make sure the paper is vinyl coated, other materials especially paper will not be durable at all and can break easily depending on how much you spend on it.

What's The Best Grasscloth Peel and Stick Wallpaper?

So, while all these products are beautiful and easy to stick up thanks to their peel and stick grasscloth material, is there one better than the others?


At 198 x 20.5 inches, the RoomMates RMK9031 is slightly longer than the others and great at its cheaper pricepoint.

RoomMates RMK9031WP Tan Faux Grasscloth Non-Textured Peel and Stick Wallpaper, Large Sample
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Ease Of Use

Easy peel and stick material along with a backing guide for cutting makes the Yancorp the easiest to apply and the best choice for beginners or those just starting out with peel and stick.

Yancorp 10ft Textured Fabric Gray Wallpaper Faux Grasscloth Grey Peel and Stick Wallpaper Self-Adhesive Wallpaper Linen Removable Wallpaper Cabinets Counter Top Liners
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The cozy red and white brick design of the NuWallpaper makes it stand out from the others and gives it a perfect seasonal feel that can be hard to find on peel and stick wallpapers.

NuWallpaper NU3010 Grey and White Brick Peel & Stick Wallpaper, Multicolor
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The Blooming Wall’s striking dark green and turquoise blue also makes for a very striking and unique design.

Blooming Wall: Faux Grasscloth Pattern Wallpaper Roll for Livingroom Bedroom, 20.8 in*32.8 Ft=57 Sq.ft (Green/Turquoise Blue)
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The Yancorp Faux is by far the cheapest and for the excellent durable material it’s a great choice for its price point.

Yancorp 10ft Textured Fabric Gray Wallpaper Faux Grasscloth Grey Peel and Stick Wallpaper Self-Adhesive Wallpaper Linen Removable Wallpaper Cabinets Counter Top Liners
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