How To DIY Build The Easiest Step Stool

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Reaching things can sometimes be difficult, and a slight boost goes a long way in ensuring that you achieve everything you aim at.

A step stool is a light and sturdy stool that helps kids and adults wash their hands, keep away their toys or get their favorite book.

A step stool adorns an antiskid tape on the top, making it safe to use. Also, it can be incorporated with a checkerboard design that can be used for chess or checkers when the work is done.

DIYing a step stool is easy. It takes a few hours, and it’s easy. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to DIY build the easiest step stool.

Step 1. Building a step stool – overview

Constructing a step stool is very basic. Slot together two small wood panels to make an X, to make the top part square the wood screws.

It is better to make the stool using hardwood like maple or oak to withstand abuse. Conversely, hardwoods are difficult to cut and screw.

Thus, you need to drill pilot holes for the screws not to split the wood. It is best left for experienced DIYers because drilling into the wood without breaking it can be daunting.

If you are DIYing in the presence of children, it is better to guide them on how to go about the process.

Among the significant ways, kids can get involved by helping with measuring, drawing, painting, and sticking the antiskid tape.

Step 2. Layout the pieces

The next step involves using the tape measure and combination square. Mark up 11 inches wide to make 11 inches square and 14 inches long.

Using a line, divide the second piece to create two 14 inch-long crisscross legs. In the middle of the divided portions, mark up a 1-inch wide rectangle that extends halfway into each leg.

Step 3. Cut the tops and legs

Safety first! Put on your safety glasses and clamp the wood to a worktable. Cut the square top off the wood using a jigsaw and cut off the sections with the two legs. Clamp the leg section to the table and cut it into two.

It is essential to keep in mind that hardwoods are challenging to cut. Therefore, you should work slowly and be careful with your cutline.

Step 4. Make the leg slots

Clamp one leg piece to the table. Using your drill fitted with a quarter-inch bit, make two holes at the inner corners, allowing you to turn the jigsaw blade.

Cut the slot using a jigsaw, and you should keep your blade on the inside of the line. Repeat the same for the other leg.

Step 5. Sand the pieces

Clamp the top piece to your working table. Use a random-orbit sander and sandpaper to soften the edges and corners. Switch to grit paper and sand the flat surfaces on the top and legs.

It smoothens them before painting, and it gives them a soft feel. Ensure the dust bag is on the back of the sander to collect all the dust from sanding the wood.

Step 6. Assemble the stool

Lay all the pieces on the table. Using a ruler or framing square, pencil down an X from one corner to the next.

The center measures 7 inches along the lines and mark; since the legs are 14 inches long, they will perfectly fit between these marks when the legs are put under the top.

Drill pilot holes after every couple of inches on the lines, and make sure you don’t drill beyond the 7-inch marks.

Join the two legs together to make an X shape. To get it right, you may have to hammer them, and you can use a scrap of wood between the legs and the hammer as a buffer.

Attach the legs and the center. Using a pencil, transfer the pilot holes onto the top of the legs, remove the top and drill holes into the legs.

Step 7. Paint the stool

Select your favorite color and paint your step stool using latex and a 2-inch brush. After the paint has dried, attach furniture glides to the four corners to avoid the stool from scratching the floor.

Final Thoughts

This article has explained how to DIY build the easiest step stool. Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can make a step stool at home with the help of your loved ones.

  • Step 1. Building a step stool – overview
  • Step 2. Lay out the pieces
  • Step 3. Cut the tops and legs
  • Step 4. Make the leg slots
  • Step 5. Sand the pieces
  • Step 6. Assemble the stool
  • Step 7. Paint the stool