How To Build A Farmhouse Inspired Bedroom DIY

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The current desire for farmhouse-inspired bedroom design can cost a fortune to replicate. However, with a little planning, it is possible to create ‘the look’ using recycled materials to achieve the desired effect.

I will describe how it is possible for anyone to get the effect they want, without destroying the budget.

Farmhouse Bedroom Characteristics

The desirable farmhouse effect is one that allows the natural finish of the wood used to show through.

Normally, imperfections and blemishes in a piece of wood have to be removed, or covered, for the furniture to be acceptable.

With a farmhouse-inspired bedroom, the opposite is the case as the more ‘natural’ or ‘rustic’ the appearance, the better.

By using a combination of reclaimed timber and simple DIY techniques you can create the ‘farmhouse’ effect in your bedroom.

Popular Ways to Create a Farmhouse Inspired Bedroom

Below I have listed a number of things you can do which will allow you to create the desired ‘farmhouse’ look.

There is no need to use all of the suggestions as a ‘minimalist’ look is often the best way to create the desired effect.

  • wooden curtain rods
  • wooden shelving
  • wooden bedside table
  • woooden picture frames
  • bed headboard
  • yard sale furniture
  • yard sale containers
  • rag painted furniture
  • rag painted walls

Wooden Curtain Rods

Wooden curtain rods are easily made using an 11/2 – 2 inch wooden dowl.

The dowel should be around 10 – 15 inches longer than the width of the window.

The hardware or DIY store will cut the dowel to the required length for you. Metal or wooden brackets can be used to secure the dowl in position.

The dowel should be sanded and painted with a clear varnish or painted in the required color.

Wooden Shelving

This is a very simple fix, just use any piece of reclaimed timber that is of a suitable size.

Sand and seal the wood before installing using wooden or metal brackets.

Reclaimed fence timber is generally the correct width for this type of installation.

The wood can be sealed, colored, or left ‘natural’ to obtain the desired effect.

Wooden bedside table

Once again, I used reclaimed fence wood to construct a bedside table.

This does require some accurate cutting but a DIY or hardware store should be able to assist in getting the wood to the correct size.

The wood can be left natural or painted to obtain the required effect.

Woooden picture frames

I ‘cheated’ here as I purchased some cheap wooden picture frames and sanded them down before ‘distressing’ them by scoring the surface of the wood with a craft knife to obtain a ‘rustic’ effect.

Frames can also be made from reclaimed wood but the process requires some joinery work to obtain a satisfactory finished product.

Bed Headboard

Once again, I used reclaimed fence timber to construct a bed headboard.

Although there is a need to screw together the pieces of wood, there is no great accuracy required and the individual pieces of timber can be of various lengths.

No measuring is required as the ‘rough’ appearance is what is needed for the farmhouse effect.

Yard Sale Furniture

Yard sales are a great source of material for a farmhouse effect bedroom.

Battered and damaged wooden furniture items can be sanded, painted, or stained to have the chance of a second life in a farmhouse bedroom.

Yard Sale Containers

Vases, candlesticks, old picnic hampers, etc., can be found and re-purpose in a farmhouse bedroom.

Items that are ‘too pristine’ can be distressed using fine sandpaper to remove areas of paint or varnish.

Rag Painted Furniture

Rag painting is a great way of making a more modern furniture item look older.

A base coat of paint is applied by brush and allowed to dry before a contrasting color is added using a rag to apply the paint.

This allows the base coat to show through in some areas and provides a very satisfying effect.

Rag Painted Walls

As with the furniture, it is possible to use the rag painting technique on the farmhouse bedroom walls.

While a simple white finish is quite acceptable for most people, some will wish to explore the possibilities provided by rag painting. The process is as for the furniture.

Build a Farmhouse Inspired Bedroom

The beauty of these projects is that items that can be obtained very cheaply can be re-purposed to create a fabulous farmhouse bedroom effect. Nothing is set in stone, you can make it whatever you wish it to be.