How To Create A DIY Farmhouse in Distressed White

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Creating and decorating a piece of farmhouse furniture is one of my favorite things to do. Of late, distressed farmhouse furniture is the trend since the end product is adored.

Besides, farmhouse furniture has a deeper purpose. At times, your family and friends might gather to feast, and the only option to accommodate your visitors is the farmhouse furniture.

Hence, you can fix the furniture and later distress it with white color.

In addition, a DIY farmhouse distressed in white is easy to create. It would be best that you learn how to create farmhouse furniture in distressed white since they are expensive to buy.

Due to the ease of creating a DIY farmhouse (try making a DIY farmhouse clock) in distressed white, you should consider learning a few tricks and the steps to follow. Furthermore, you will save your money.

Materials needed for the project

  • Paintbrush – you can consider getting the cheapest to apply paint and whitewash.
  • Sandpaper
  • Cleaner
  • Gloves – to protect your hands from stain residues and other paints.
  • White chalk paint
  • Decorative finish wax
  • Dust mask and eyewear
  • Cleaner
  • Paint sticks – for stirring paints before application

Since you will require extensive sanding of the farmhouse furniture, it’s advisable to get an orbital sander.

Guideline to follow to create a DIY farmhouse in distressed white

Step one – Cleaning

Cleaning the furniture is the first thing you should do. The farmhouse furniture can have dirt marks and stains of spilled coffee, which can impact the final outlook, such as uneven paint lines.

To clean the furniture, sanding is the only option. You should have eyewear and a dust mask if you’ll be using an orbital sander.

Upon wearing protective gear, use the orbital sandpaper to sand and make the furniture spotless. Stains and dirt marks will be removed by proper sanding.

Using sandpaper can be tedious and a lengthy process. However, the orbital sander will simplify the sanding and cleaning process.

While sanding, you should focus on areas you will apply the paints. If it’s a farmhouse table, you should concentrate on the tabletop, sides, and legs.

After you’re done with sanding, make sure to clean the sand shavings off the farmhouse furniture. Sand shavings will stick to the paint, and the outlook would not be appealing.

Step 2 – Stain the farmhouse furniture

You should start with areas that are hard to paint, such as the bottom of the farmhouse furniture. For a farmhouse table, it’s best that you overturn it and paint the legs using white chalk paint. You should make sure that you add several layers of the paint.

Flip the farmhouse furniture over and work on other spots such as the tabletop and sides.

Wait for approximately twenty minutes for the paint to dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3 – Add distressing marks

In this step, you will use a stained cloth to add distressing marks to the farmhouse furniture. Since it might be your first time to create farmhouse furniture in distressed white, you might severally apply many stains.

However, let this not bother you since you can use wax to remove the stain.

Step 4 – Whitewash the top

Mix water and chalk paint proportionally. To achieve the best combination, use the paint sticks to stir. Then, you should add thin brushstrokes throughout the farmhouse furniture.

You can choose the water-based paint desire.

Step 5 – Wax the farmhouse furniture

To add wax to the farmhouse furniture, you should make use of a cloth. Besides, you should be gentle not to rub hard on the furniture.

However, you can rub hard if you desire to get a white chippy distressed appearance.

Step 6 – Dry

Upon applying wax, let it dry for approximately thirty minutes. Upon the wax drying, use a towel to remove and level the rest of the wax.

The surface of the farmhouse furniture should not feel tacky by the touch of your hand.

If you are looking for a thicker finish, it is best that you apply another layer of wax and then level out the excess wax using a towel.


  • Of late, farmhouse furniture in distressed white is the new trend. Besides, it is easy to create a DIY farmhouse in distressed white.
  • Buying farmhouse furniture distressed in white can be expensive, but it’s an easy process to create one for your home.

  • The materials you need for the project are;

i. Paintbrush
ii. Sandpaper
iii. Cleaner
iv. Gloves
v. White chalk paint
vi. Decorative finish wax
vii. Dust mask and eyewear
viii. Cleaner
ix. Paint sticks

  • To create a DIY farmhouse in distressed white, you should follow the following steps;

Step 1 – Cleaning
Step 2 – Stain the farmhouse furniture
Step 3 – Add distressing marks
Step 4 – Whitewash the top
Step 5 – Wax the farmhouse furniture
Step 6 – Dry