How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Spray Paint?

How old do you have to be to buy spray paint?, is a question that most people often ask.

One should be 18 years and above to be allowed to buy spray paint.

Under the written laws, it is unlawful for a person under 18 to buy a container of spray paint.

The following are why persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to purchase spray paint.

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Reasons why persons under 18 years are not allowed to buy spray paint.

When children huff paints, it kills their brain cells. In children, their cells are still growing, and thus they do not need any disturbance which will degenerate the cells.

When children under 18 years use spray paint, it will affect their respiratory system, consisting of the mouth, windpipe, nose, throat, and bronchi.

This is because their respiratory system and organs are still growing, and thus it won’t be strong enough to deal with the spray paints.

Spray paint causes circulatory problems to persons under 18 years. It may cause damage to the circulatory organs like the lungs, heart, arteries, and veins.

The circulatory system is responsible for the flow of nutrients, blood, gases, oxygen, and hormones to and from the cells.

Therefore, if this system is hindered, the kids may not breathe well and the body to carry out its functions appropriately.

When children under the age of 18 uses spray paint, they expose themselves to the risk of destroying their nervous system.

The nervous system consists of the spinal cord, brain and other nerves, which connects these organs to the rest of the body.

When the nervous system is affected, sensory, integration, and motor functions will also be affected.

Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to use spray paint since they can go around spraying graffiti all over the place anyhow, for example, on walls on the streets and drainage ditches.

Do you have to be 18 to buy spray paint?

Yes, you have to be 18 to buy spray paint. 

Some laws have been put in place to deal with spray paint to juniors.

This has been to reduce spray inhalation and abuse and reduce the use of paint for graffiti.

Therefore, the distributors, wholesalers, and retailers are supposed to ask for identifications from purchasers, proving that they are legible to buy the spray paint.

Hazards associated with spray painting.

The following hazards can come with spray painting:

Spray painting brings exposure to hazardous substances-

When spray painting, the workers get themselves into many risks than when they would have used a roller or a brush.

When spraying, the paint molecules are freed into the air through the spraying nozzle, increasing the chances of releasing the hazardous vapor.

Fires or explosions- spray painting releases some combustible and flammable vapors into the air, thus increasing the chances of possible explosions or fires. Static discharge or sparks from electrical equipment can be able to burn volatile vapors.

Control measures of spray paint.

One should read through the manufactures safety data sheet before applying any spray paint on any surface to know if there are flammable substances in the mixture.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) should also be used to provide protection.