Acrylic Vs Latex Paint: What’s The Difference?

You have probably been faced with many decisions during your home painting project.

From which colour, what type of finish, to what brand of paint to use for different needs.

And obviously now you're asking...

Acrylic vs latex paint, what's the difference?

 This article will tell you the difference so that the next time you have a painting project, it will be easier for you to choose. 

Each one has its pros and cons and is best used for different projects so let's find out...

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Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is chemical-based; it's made from pigment and resins in a chemical base.

The paint is more durable and resistant to water and the sun than latex. It is best for wood painting, especially for outside uses.

Latex will help it with exposure to the sun and water and avoid unnecessary damages.

You can also use it for outdoor tables, chairs and other items.

The chemicals give it more elasticity compared to latex. It can contract and expand depending on the temperature.

That is what makes it the best paint for outdoor pieces.

It doesn't need a top coat if it's of high quality.

Also, it does not require a lot of preparation for the piece you want to paint. Acrylic paint is perfect for DIY projects because it goes on easily.

It is also very durable and has rich colours, and gives a great finish to your project.

Most homeowners use acrylic paint for exterior painting because it does well with those conditions than latex.

It is also breathable and will allow moisture to escape and avoid loss of adhesion.

Latex Paint

Latex paint is water-based. It is made from vinyl resin and pigment in a water base.

The best quality of latex is perfect for your furniture, especially the ones for indoor use.

The paint also works best for interior walls compared to acrylic. That is because it has less odour, it dries faster, it offers long-term flexibility, and it is easy to clean.

With a little soap and water, you can get rid of the stains.

The next time you want to paint your cabinets, consider using latex paint. Latex also offers different types of finishes, unlike acrylic paint.

You can diversify your walls with it and use new exciting finishes every time you paint.

Interior latex paint can also work for the metal pieces in the house. It is easy to match your tables and chairs with the walls if you want.

For most of the interior projects, it is far more superior.

It is cheaper than acrylic and comes in many different colours. Latex provides better coverage in fewer coats, especially when painting a large piece.

This water-based paint can resist chalking, which means it retains its colour for a very long time.

When you paint the walls in your house, you want them to retain the original colour until you change them.

Latex paint is the best way to maintain the colour scheme in your house.


The main difference between the two types of paint is that latex is water-based and acrylic is chemical-based.

The difference in composition is what makes the difference in the uses.

For painting outdoor pieces, acrylic is the best, and latex does well with interior pieces.

The next time you have to paint, you know which paint to go for depending on the project at hand.