13 Things To Make On A Wood Lathe

If you’ve just purchased your first wood lathe or are considering it (see the best lathe for bowl turning here) the first thought that will hit your mind is what’s the first thing you’ll make on it.

Commonly known as the mother of machining tools, wood lathes can shape, drill, knurl, turn, deform, and cut objects.

Due to this versatile nature, woodworkers like me depend on a wood lathe for the basis of my work.

Discussed below are some of the things you can make using a wood lathe.

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1. Pepper Grinders

You could use laminated dyed wood, spalted maple, or burls to make a pepper grinder.

It is a great way to show off a beautiful piece of wood due to its large size.

2. Pepper and Salt Shakers

Such is easy to craft.

Walnut produces pepper, while maple for salt shakers.

It is possible to style them with decorative lines or burn the tops to delineate the shakers.

3. Rolling Pins

These are no exceptions.

They are primarily made using maple but can occasionally include exotic species.

4. Salt Cellars

Another perfect way to reveal your crafting skills is making salt cellars on a wood lathe.

Using a forsner bit, hollow out the inside of the wood, then clean up the rest using a carbide scraper.

5. Wood Trivets

These make good use of the small offcuts from the other projects.

I can use the minimum time possible to convert walnut into a trivet on the wood lathe.

6. Bud Vase

These small decors hold dry flowers.

It is possible to turn slender vases using the commonly available pieces of wood.

7. Christmas Ornaments

Another way to run wild with your creativity is by making such ornaments from readily available wood.

Style your listings using milk paint, which makes the rustic appearance look very trendy.

8. Pens

Pens are some of the classic items commonly crafted.

Employ a skew chisel together with carbide in a pen turning kit then you are good to go.

9. Flower Pots

This project will surely impress your guests.

You could attempt turning pots to display flowers.

It may sound simple, but it also expands your creativity since you can produce limitless variations.

10. Bowls

At some particular point, I would try turning bowls.

Wooden bowls crafted on a midi wood lathe can be elegant, therefore making some may greatly help develop your crafting skills.

11. Wooden Spoons

Crafting wooden spoons is an ideal project and will surely impress.

Apart from the ordinary wood lathe, you might need additional equipment like the wood lathe tool rest and a wood lathe chuck.

12. Wooden Rings and Bangles

They work best with hardwoods to attain an original attractive appearance.

Based on the correct choice of wood, the outcome can be spectacular.

13. Bottle Openers and Stoppers

These use some small amount of wood and take little space, making it very cheap.

Besides boosting your inventory, the items perfectly fit in this classification.

All you need is to keep some bins near the bandsaw to save offcuts from other projects.

13 Things You Can Make On A Wood Lathe

Here are some wood lathe project ideas

Wood lathes (what is a lathe?) create furniture components that are beautiful, decorative, and attractive.

At the very least, this blog ought to offer you plenty of future inspirations and ideas regarding the Things to make on a Wood Lathe.

In summary, various items that you can make on a wood lathe may include:

– Pepper grinders
– Pepper and salt shakers
– Rolling pins
– Salt cellars
– Wood trivets
– Bud Vase
– Christmas Ornaments
– Pens
– Flower pots
– Bowls
– Wooden spoons
– Wooden rings and bangles
– Bottle openers and stoppers