How Thick Can Cricut Cut?

The Cricut maker is designed to cut any material to a thickness of less than 2.4mm or 3/32 of an inch.

It has a super precise new knife blade that can give you the exact thickness you are looking for.

Cricut is designed with a product line for cutting a variety of materials into intricate shapes.

The two most famous and versatile machines are the Cricut maker, and Cricut explore.

When combined, Cricut can cut through thousands of materials to different sizes, and the limit is few for the material you can cut.

The article will talk about the Cricut and the material thickness it can cut.

Let’s look into it…

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What Thickness Can The Cricut Cut

The first product that many people think of first to use on their Cricut machine is paper.

However, Cricut can cut through other materials in different thickness that include the below list.

• Paper, including:
Cardstock 0.27mm
Poster board 0.29mm
Glitter paper 0.12mm
Photo paper 0.28mm
Sticker paper 0.20mm

Vinyl, including:
Glitter 0.23mm
Stencil 0.2mm
Holographic 0.25mm
Outdoor and chalkboard vinyl 0.29mm

• Iron-on material 0.22mm

• Fabric, including:
Denim 2.15mm
Silk 2.32mm
Polyester 0.37mm
Leather 1mm

Cricut rotary blade

This is one of the blades being interchanged and is compatible with the Cricut maker tool system.

This rotary blade glides and rolls fast to initiate cutting sometimes three layers of fabric simultaneously, similar to handheld blades.

The principle that makes this blade unique is that it cuts precisely and accurately across wide fabric varieties.

The features of the blade improve its accuracy and the ability to make a turn faster within a quarter inch.

When buying Cricut, you will get a rotary blade and its housing calibrated for only that machine.

To use the rotary blade, you need to open the tool system, install the blade, and align the gears.

Close and secure the housing.

There are many things that a rotary blade can cut, including sewing and quilting patterns.

You can combine the blade with Cricut washable fabric to make all the patterns you want.

What Thickness Can The Cricut Cut?

Cricut can cut any material up to a thickness of 2.4mm since it uses a rotary blade with great precision and accuracy and can turn quickly within a quarter of an inch.

You can cut different thicknesses using the Cricut maker on more than 300 varieties of materials.