3 Best Midi Wood Lathe

I love using Midi lathes since there offer adequate motor power in the right size and a comfortable price range.

According to my research and finding, 40% of full size and mini lathes uses Midi lathes as their main wood lathe.

The market is full of Midi lathes.

The only thing you need to do is to select the right one for your wood activities.

Below I have listed some of the best 3 Midi lathes you can get and experience the best time when dealing with woodturning (if you’re interested in the best bowl turning lathes then read this)

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1. JET Midi Lathe with Variable Speed

It’s a 12inch variable-speed device that even brings its own innovation to the table with a patent-pending ratchet style belt tension system that no other midi lathe offers.


It’s a bowl-turner that has an easy-to-use speed control system.

This allows you to precisely operate the machine as needed, making it ideal for professionals.


1. It’s simple to switch from forward to reverse.

2. includes a belt tensioning device that works like a ratchet (patent pending)

3. The ingenious ratchet-style belt is convenient and ensures the exact amount of force required.

4. It takes a few minutes to get used to it.


1. For a midi lathe, one horsepower is plenty of power.

2. The dual tool rests are really useful.

3. An easily adjustable speed range with a wide range of speeds

4. Cast iron is a long-lasting material.

5. Forward and reverse transitions are seamless.


1. It’s expensive

This lathe is fantastic; however, the company’s quality control might be improved, as many clients have fault issues that must be corrected or returned to the company from the outset.

Popular brands

1. Rikon
2. Delta

Why I Like It

It is unique in that it is composed of solid cast iron.

It’s one of the best wood lathes on the market, with excellent speed control and a level of efficiency that’s hard to beat.

Bestseller No. 1
JET 10" x 15" Variable-Speed Woodworking Lathe, 1Ph 115V (JWL-1015VS)
  • 15-1/2" between centers
  • Integrated 24-position indexing
  • Three variable-speed ranges (200–1,050/300–1,750/600–3,600)
  • Wider bed ways for increased stability
  • Improved tensioning system with easier access to belts

2. Wen 3421 Mini Benchtop Wood Lathe with Variable Speed


1. It is used for small workpieces such as Pens, bowls, cups, chess pieces.


Workpieces up to 12 inches long and 8 inches wide can be accommodated.

From 750 to 3200 RPM, the soft start variable speed motor can be adjusted.

Two interchangeable tool rests a 2.3-inch faceplate, an MT1 spindle and tailstock taper, and an MT1 spindle and tailstock taper.


1. Benchtop small lathe with a low cost

2. Spur center and tailstock taper are of high quality.

3. Optimal speed and a good range

4. Design with a gentle start

5. Pen and spindle turning is simple to do.


1. Don’t expect to be able to perform everything you could on a full-size wood lathe because it’s small (find the best wood lathe chuck here)

Popular brands

1. W1704Wen

Why I Like It

It is ideal for basic and small projects.

It has a budget-friendly model that features dependable speed ranges, a simple speed controller, and all of the swing capacity you’ll need in a portable lathe.

This is an excellent choice for both beginners and little jobs.

Bestseller No. 1
WEN LA3424 4.5-Amp 12-Inch by 18-Inch 5-Speed Benchtop Wood Lathe , Black
  • Attack workpieces up to 18 inches long and 12 inches wide
  • Switch between five different speeds: 520, 900, 1400, 2150, or 3400 RPM
  • Includes 3-1/8 inch faceplate for turning bowls, cups and other non-spindle workpieces
  • MT2 tailstock and headstock tapers allow for compatibility with a wide variety of lathe accessories
  • Features a 4.5A motor, an MT2 headstock spur center, an MT2 tailstock live center, an 8-inch tool rest, and an onboard accessory holder

3. Rikon Midi VSR Lathe 12 x 16

1. It is an upgrade of ¾ HP 70-100.

1. It has more motor power and torque to stand toe to toe with some of the other lathes.


1. It is approximately 120lbs
2. Has LED display
3. 24 position index head
4. Forward or reverse function
5. 1-inch diameter tool rest
6. Digital RPM readout
7. Side safety on the on/off switch

Advantages and disadvantages

1. Below are some of the likes and dislikes of Rikon Midi VSR Lathe 12 x 16.


1. The 1 HP motor is as strong as any full-size wood lathe and gives plenty of power.

2. Midi lathe has a variable speed range of 450 to 3,500 RPM

3. the cast iron base that is both durable and sturdy

4. With an extensible spindle lock, you can increase capacity.


1. Although the control panel isn’t of the highest quality, it does the job.

2. The controller circuit can fail sometimes.

Popular brands

1. Rikon Midi VSR Lathe 12 x 16

Why I Like It

1. Rikon Midi VSR Lathe 12 x 16 is the greatest because it has safety on the on/off unit.

2. You can use Rikon Midi VSR Lathe 12 x 16 for metalwork to stand toe to toe with other lathes.

3. The key features of Rikon Midi VSR Lathe 12 x 16 are: it is approximately 120lbs, has LED display, 24 position index head, forward or reverse function, 1-inch diameter tool rest, digital RPM readout, side safety on the on/off switch.

4. The main advantages of Rikon Midi VSR Lathe 12 x 16 are: strong motor, gives plenty of power, the midi lathe has a variable speed range of 450 to 3,500 RPM, cast iron base that is both durable and sturdy, with an extensible spindle lock, you can increase capacity.

5. The main disadvantage of Rikon Midi VSR Lathe 12 x 16 is the fact that the Controller circuit can fail sometimes.

6. The popular brand is Rikon Midi VSR Lathe 12 x 16.

Best Midi Wood Lathes

Bestseller No. 1
JET 12" x 21" Woodworking Lathe, Variable Speed, 1Ph 115V (JWL-1221VS)
  • Innovative Design: Ratchet-style belt tension system (patent pending)
  • Optimal Speed: Choose from three speed ranges (60-900/110-1,800/220-3,600)
  • Convenient Controls: Easy-to-reach controls and digital readout
  • Handy Storage: Includes a tool storage caddy on each end of the machine
  • Added Safety: Removable yellow On/Off safety key
SaleBestseller No. 2
Delta Industrial 46-460 12-1/2-inch Variable-Speed MIDI Lathe, Gray
  • Powerful 1 hp max, 1,725 rpm motor
  • Large 12-1/2-inch swing capacity provides the largest capacity in its class. Drive spindle: 1 inch -8 RH TPI thread
  • Electronic variable Speed with three-pulley speed ranges provide the required speeds needed to turn a project without changing belt position
  • Forward and Reversing function allows the turner to achieve a superior finish. Sanding a turned piece with the grain causes the wood fibers to lay down and remain rough.
  • Patented belt tensioning system for easy and quick speed changes and sets the belt at the correct tension every time for maximum power transfer and longer tool life
Bestseller No. 3
RIKON Power Tools VSR MIDI Lathe (RIK-70-150VSR)
  • Powerful 1HP DC Motor provides ample power for all turning needs
  • Electronic variable speed controls, wider range of operating speeds, digital RPM readout for forward and reverse rotation speeds.
  • Pivoting belt cover for easy access when changing belt speeds
  • Ball-bearing construction for smooth, precise spindle operation
Bestseller No. 4
RIKON Power Tools VSR MIDI Lathe (RIK-70-220VSR)
  • 1HP motor delivers all the power you need for turning spindles to large bowls or platters.
  • Big turning capacity of 12-1/2" diameter swing and 20" between centers.
  • 24 Postion Index head allows accurate pattern or design work on projects.
  • Electronic variable speeds 250-3850RPM with LED display and forward/reverse functions.
Bestseller No. 5
PSI Woodworking KWL-1018VS Turncrafter Commander 10" Variable Speed Midi Lathe
  • KWL-1018VS replaces TCLC10VS. ETL Listed and certified by Intertek
  • Powered by 3/4 hp Variable Speed high performance motor(110V) & an SBC microprocessor. Two belt positions: 500-2000 RPM & 1500-3600 RPM
  • Headstock Thread 1" x 8tpi. Headstock/Tailstock Taper #2MT. Distance between Centers 18". Swing over Bed 10". Cast iron base
  • Tailstock & Spindle Bore 3/8". Quill Travel 1-5/8". (24) indexing positions with spindle locking. Convenient built-in handles
  • See Description below for all of the included parts

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