Top 10 Farmhouse Rooms On Pinterest

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A Farmhouse style describes a design for your home that is comfortable, simple, functional, clean, relaxed, and laid back.

While the style depicts a home in a country farmhouse surrounded by land and fresh air, the same timeless concept can still be applied to modern homes in today’s bustling cities.

All it takes is just a few ideas to get it going. The idea behind designing a farmhouse is to have a space where family and friends can gather to enjoy a good time.

Here are some of the top 10 Farmhouse Rooms ideas you can get on Pinterest.

1. Open Concept Living Space and Kitchen

While this design idea will not give your home that rustic style looks, the glass-paned walls will make your spaces feel larger and relaxed.

However, one of the significant hurdles you may run into according to Bartle & Gibson Showrooms is how and where to place your furniture to take advantage of the added space.

It is thus recommended to only include furniture that serves a defined function.

2. Aim for minimalism and neutral color palettes

One of the major appeals of a farmhouse is its simplicity and neutrality regarding accessories. It is advisable to choose neutral colors such as beige, white, grey, and taupe for your furniture.

You may do it minimally with other accessories such as florals and pillows if you want to add pop. However, please do not overdo it.

You may want to consider these Minimalist Farmhouse Styling ideas by Marie Tiemersma Eakin.

3. Consider installing Barn Doors

For that recognizable farmhouse style, you may want to install Barn doors.

They have been a surge in their popularity in recent times, especially given they have the advantage of saving tons of space since they slide along a wall instead of conventional doors.

They are handy for small rooms. They also come in a variety of materials to compliment your farmhouse look. Here are some ideas from the tarnishedjewelblog.

4. Slip Cover Furniture

If you are looking for that farmhouse look for your home, you will need to invest in big, comfortable, and relaxing furniture.

You may want to invest in slipcover furniture, which allows you to change styles, colors, and textures as you wish.

In addition, they keep your furniture clean and are easy to wash. You can get some ideas from Kris – Driven by Decor.

5. Consider adding antique furniture

Since most of us live in cities, it may be somehow difficult to pull that rustic farmhouse style on our modern homes.

However, a well-placed antique item can add that missing puzzle of a farmhouse.

You may want to consider antique armoires for holding your accessories and creatively placing them in strategic locations to compliment the look of your home. You can get some great creative ideas from Melissa Roberts Interiors.

6. Minimal technology

With today’s technological advancements, it is hard to keep devices away.

However, since a farmhouse is where family and friends can come together and have quality time, it is essential to have minimal distractions from technological devices.

For that authentic farmhouse feel, you may want to consider options such as hiding your TV and stereo in armoires, barn doors for mountable devices, or cupboards with doors to hide them when not using them as highlighted by Follow The Yellow Brick Home.

7. Do not forget about textures

Since the farmhouse is usually decorated with neutral colors, a good idea would be to add textures such as linen, grain sack, or chunky knits, among others, to prevent it from looking flat.

You may also want to consider unfinished, natural, or multiple wood pieces and finishes, such as the ones highlighted by Cherished Bliss.

8. Open Shelving

Since the farmhouse is a casual gathering space, you will want to consider open shelves. This is where you will be placing items you use regularly.

While the shelves will be functional, you may also want to add decorative ideas such as those shown by Neil Friedel.

9. Consider installing shiplap for your farmhouse

The growing popularity of the farmhouse has coincided with the rising demand for shiplap.

This wooden board runs horizontally and has a rabbet groove to facilitate boards overlapping and snugly fitting together.

While it was mainly outdoors, it is now finding its way indoors for that rustic farmhouse feeling, as shown in this idea by Designers Sweet Spot.

10. Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are a guaranteed way to change the feel of your farmhouse space.

You will want to choose chandelier or pendant lighting fixtures that complement your room’s theme, style, and tone.

You can check online for a wide range of lighting ideas such as the ones provided by Home Decor Ideas.

When you want to achieve a classic farmhouse look, the most important thing is to ensure comfort.

This means choosing colors and furniture that add to that laid back simple aspect of your home. You can find great ideas online on how to your living and dining space.