What Is A HDF Board?

If you are seeking a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to using wood for your home DIY projects, high density fibre board is a viable option to consider.

HDF (high density fibreboard) are blended boards used to make shelving, wall panels, furniture, and cabinetry.

They can be fixed with laminated sheets on both sides of the HDF surface, and even finished off with painting over them.

HDF is probably not your first choice when you are planning to replace those cabinet doors.

Still, it is truly a fabulous alternative to solid wood, and it just might even be the superior choice of material for that kitchen project you have been planning.

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What exactly is HDF?

HDF is a manufactured wood product composed of fibres from wood that have been extracted from woodchips and the pulp from wood cuttings.

It is constructed and finalised by using glue, immense pressure and heat.

After this process completes, the bound HDF board is finished and ready for use.

What are the benefits of HDF?

Minimal or No Cracking

There is no doubt that painted solid wood cabinet doors look great – however, there is always that chance that paint can become brittle and crack over time.

Because wood is organic, it is prone to expanding and contracting based on the external humidity levels.

As a result, those wonderfully painted cabinet doors might eventually crack and peel, looking unsightly and unappealing.

Minimal or No Graining

Since HDF is formed from extremely fine wood bits, there will be no noticeable wood grain – and this results in a more reliable and smoother finish if you wish to paint over it.

Minimal or No Warping

Similar to cracking, wood is susceptible to warping when temperatures vary.

Which, over time, causes unsightly gaps with your cabinets. HDF, however, does not experience warping change from either expansion and contraction as traditional woods can.

Quite Affordable

HDF is an excellent option for your DIY kitchen project on a budget.

They are affordable and inexpensive options that are just as strong as wood with a similar look and feel.

HDF within Home Interiors: How can it be Used?

Kitchen Cabinets

HDF is a suitable choice for your kitchen cabinets.

When appropriately finished with no exposed exterior, it copes well with changes in heat and can withstand humidity fluctuations.

The finalised product is a perfectly sealed finish that is both durable and aesthetic.


HDF is also a great choice for your wardrobe framework, shutters and internal shelves.

Similarly, the finished wardrobe can provide you with that traditional, contemporary, or classic appearance.

HDF wardrobes can also be furnished with surface mirrors to enhance the overall wardrobe space and visually appealing too.

Wall Shelves

Open plan shelves in kitchens or dining/ living rooms, bookshelves in your home office or ledges in laundry and utility areas can all be designed and made out of HDF.

Additionally, it can provide the necessary load-bearing capability as wood can.

So, What Is A HDF Board?

HDF is a manufactured wood product composed of fibres from wood that have been extracted from woodchips and the pulp from wood cuttings.

As per what has been detailed above, HDF is a more than suitable substitute for wood in home situations requiring strength and load-bearing capacity – and with a comparative performance capability as well.