What Is The Best Glue For Decoupage?

Do you have some old items at home and are looking for ways to give them a brand new look, decoupage could be the most cost-effective solution.

Apart from giving your old items a new look, you can use decoupage to give them a personal style that talks to others about your style and taste.

While I have not done this art for long, I already love the fact that you can make it as simple or as complex as you wish.

I have already used the art to decorate some flower vases around my house, and my next decoupage project is to decorate my antique dressing table’s mirror frame with varying decoupage papers.

In this article, I will discuss the glues I have used in my decoupage projects and give my best choice. Read on to learn more.

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What is the best glue for decoupage?

The best glue for a decoupage project depends on the surface and the materials you wish to use.

Some of the glues used in decoupage include:

Decoupage glue

This is a glue made specifically for this craft and is available in both online and land-based craft shops.

The benefits of this glue are that you can use it as both glue and varnish, and it sticks to almost any material (plastic, metal, wood and many more).

On the other hand, most people avoid this glue because it is quite expensive than the other available options.

PVA glue

This is another type of glue that you can use for your decoupage projects.

This glue sticks in a variety of materials and dries faster than decoupage glue.

The major challenges when working with this glue is that you have less time to work with it, plus it is more likely to capture some bubbles when drying.

Its low cost makes it a perfect choice for starters or when you want to test out a decoupage idea before implementing it.

Transparent spray glue

Transparent spray glue works in the same way as PVA glue, but it is easier and quicker to apply.

It is a perfect choice for beginners as it helps minimise wastage and reduces the possibility of imperfections caused by using too little or excess glue.

Mod Podge glue

Like decoupage glue, mod podge is perfect for any material and can be used as glue, sealant and a finish.

However, this glue is the most expensive on the list due to its versatility.

What is decoupage

Derived from the French Verb découper, decoupage is used to give items a new and personalised look.

This art involves covering a surface such as wood, metal and glass with cut-out shapes made from thin paper.

While there are decoupage supplies available for sale in online and local retail shops, you can also use materials available in your home.

However, you must use the right glue, depending on the surface you want to decoupage.

My Recommended Glue For Decoupage

I would recommend decoupage glue for most decoupage projects because it is specifically made for this craft.

Mod podge works the same as decoupage, but its higher price gives decoupage glue the upper hand.

The other glues like spray glue and PVA glue can also be a good option for people who want to try this craft.