What Is The Purpose Of Baseboards?

Keeping a home in perfect shape is next to impossible.

However, baseboards are a design element to hide the imperfections and gaps of your building.

Besides, during the construction of your building, a constructor will leave behind small spaces, which can create minor gaps.

In a house, baseboards serve many useful functions.

The fact that baseboards are not purely aesthetic ensures they can protect the bottom of your house from being damaged.

Also, the baseboards will act as a stopping point for dirt.

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What is a baseboard?

A baseboard is a wooden board that covers the lowest parts of an interior wall.

You must build a baseboard to cover the joints between the floor and the wall surface.

After construction, it is paramount to get baseboards to hide the joints between walls and floor.

Usually, it is unsightly to see the joints where walls meet the floor.

Also, the dirt will accumulate in the space between the wall surface and floor.

What is the purpose of baseboards?

Different people have different opinions regarding baseboards.

However, baseboards serve multiple purposes that I will discuss below.

Hide the gap between walls and floor

The key goal of getting baseboards is to hide the gap on the floor.

While you are buying a baseboard, you should ensure it is thick enough to fit the wall surface and floor gap.

Protects the house

Having a baseboard installed in your house adds visual benefits.

The baseboard protects the drywall.

Usually, homes are made of different materials, especially for walls.

One of the parts that are susceptible to damage is the bottom of the wall.

Thus, getting a baseboard acts as protection against physical damage.

Baseboards will hide crooked walls

Installing quality baseboards is crucial since most walls are not straight.

With a baseboard in your home, it will be hard for the naked eye to notice the walls are not straight.

A building has many imperfections and gaps.

Besides, after construction, you will notice that the settling can result in the movement of walls.

The wall movement might be attributed to temperature changes causing expansion and contraction.

To correct the errors, you should get a baseboard that suits your home.

Improve the home aesthetics

There are several baseboard styles that you can use to improve the home aesthetics.

Installing a baseboard is easy and quick, and thus you should consider incorporating baseboards into your home.

Also, baseboards will add value to your home.

Of late, baseboards have become popular both for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Should the baseboards look like the other mouldings in the room?

While selecting the baseboard colour, there are no rules to be followed.

However, the design you choose when installing the baseboards should be similar to the room.

Thus, you should ensure the colour of the baseboard is similar to the other mouldings in detail and proportion.

It is upon you to decide the colour you want for the baseboard.

To ensure that the baseboards collect less dirt, you should make sure it’s similar to the floor’s colour and texture.

Best material for baseboards

For baseboards to serve their ultimate purpose, they should be solid wood to withstand a lot of stress.

Also, the baseboard you select should be resistant to mould and water.

Even though it might be impossible to keep your house in perfect shape, baseboards can be used to hide the imperfections.

Remind Me, What Is A Baseboard?

A baseboard is a wooden or vinyl board that covers the joint between the floor and wall surface.

It covers the lower part of your home’s interior wall; the uneven edge of flooring close to the wall.

Baseboard help to conceal the joint areas where the wall and floor meet, protecting the plaster of the wall from scuffing caused by shoes.

It also protects the wall from kicks, abrasion and furniture not to mention improving the aesthetic appeal of your home.

So, What Is The Main Purpose of Baseboards?

The main purpose of baseboards is to hide the gap between walls and the floor.

Also, baseboards protect the house, hides crooked walls and improves the home aesthetics.