How to Make A DIY Kids Clothing Rack

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When it’s time to teach the kids how to fold and arrange their clothes, you need a functional wardrobe or a clothing rack. I love a nice clothing rack; it displays the best clothes and can be decoration.

If you want to increase the kid’s cloth storage, you should consider a simple DIY project. Making a clothing rack is not very difficult, especially when you have a rough sketch.

When you finally decide to make the rack, here is a step-by-step guide.


  • Wooden dowel
  • Pine board
  • Nail gun

Step 1

You should have five cylindrical wooden dowels; these are easily accessible at any store nearby. Take two dowels and make a crisscross shape; you can have someone hold it for you before you nail it.

Take your nail gun and nail the crisscross part together. Ensure the crossing part is at the top; it should form a triangle shape at the bottom.

The space left under the crossing dowels should be big enough to fit your pine board. Use multiple nails until the dowels feel sturdy.

If your kids are anything like mine, you need something strong. That’s why I recommend you go nuts with the nail gun because the dowels determine how strong the rack will be.

Try measuring the dowels so that the crisscross point is at the exact point on both sides. It makes the rack straight and makes the other steps easy.

Step 2

Once done with the first bit, take the fifth dowel and nail it on the crisscross shape. When forming an ex with the dowel, ensure there is an overlap at the top where the fifth dowel will fit perfectly.

This fifth dowel you are attaching will be the one holding the hangers. It should be a bit skinny so that you don’t have trouble putting clothes on the hanger.

Use the same nail gun to secure the thin dowel. You don’t need much help at this point since the structure is already coming together, but it’s nice to have someone anyways.

At this point, you should have a complete clothing rack without the bottom part. You can use it to hang clothes, but there will be nowhere to put shoes and toys.

The bottom part also makes the rack look beautiful. It’s also practical if the kids always leave toys all over the house.

Step 3

Keep consulting your picture or sketch to ensure you are on the right path. Attaching the bottom part will require the same nail gun.

Place the board in place and nail it everywhere it meets the dowels. That means you should have at least four nails on the board.

You can also use a power drill and bit to attach the bottom board. But that means you will have to change the whole process from the beginning.

Power drills require a lot of safety precautions. If you must use it, go for the modern ones because old drills don’t have advanced safety features.

I prefer using the nail gun alone because it doesn’t need you to be extremely handy. Even someone with minimal skills can make this simple DIY rack.

The board will add some stability to the rack once everything is complete. Some people use two boards to add even more storage on the rack.

However, if you want two boards, you will need longer dowels, making it difficult for the kids to remove and hang clothes. You must consider the size and how the kids will reach their clothes.

Step 4

You are pretty much done once the board is attached. If you were using already-sanded wood, you could leave the clothing rack the way it is.

But if you want to add some flair, you should paint the rack. This adds a lot of work to the DIY project, but it might be worth it if you want the kid’s room to look exceptional.

Understandably painting is not everyone’s forte. But if you believe in your painting skills, pick a colour and get to work.

Use fast-drying paint so you don’t have to wait for a long time before you can start using the rack. After drying, you can start hanging clothes and put the structure to work.

However, there is wood that naturally looks beautiful and can blend in any kind of room. If the design fits, leave it alone, you don’t need to paint.


This is the simplest guide you can follow if you want to make a clothing rack for the kids. Take the process step by step, and you will have a beautiful structure sooner or later.