5 Best Peel And Stick Mirror For Walls

The most impressive interiors are a reflection of their inhabitants. Our homes show off how we see ourselves and mirrors are a great way to make your living space look brighter and larger.

But, you may not want to install a cumbersome, expensive glass wall mirror. Especially when you really want an art deco touch over a large area.

Sprucing up your wall space can be expensive and there are only so many frames to choose from. The luxury of a glass mirror may be tempting yet there are the tools and building supplies to consider too.

Then there’s worrying about the bad luck from a broken mirror. A wall should be a space where you can see yourself and bring some light in. You want to invite friends over yet your living space lacks personality.

A mirror can bring that home proud feeling. An element of fun and some thoughtful choices can make all the difference. Peel and stick wall mirrors are a versatile, convenient and sophisticated way of adding dimension to your home. They are also lightweight, fashionable, and easy to use.

From mosaic tiles to mirror sheets, you can get creative without needing installation skills. We’ve put together a guide so you know which peel and stick wall mirrors are right for you.

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Manco Luella Mirror Wall Stickers, 12PCS Hexagon Mirror Art DIY Home Decorative Hexagonal Acrylic Wall Sheet Plastic Tiles Home Living Room Bedroom Sofa TV Background Wall Decal Decoration (Silver)

Best For Living Rooms And Bathrooms 

Improving your living space can be tricky. You want a versatile solution while still retaining a minimalist, fashionable look to your home.

Something to brighten it up, that looks orderly and is easy to install. That’s where Manco Luella’s Hexagonal Wall Mirrors can come in.

In terms of geometric shapes, hexagons go back to nature. It’s the shape for honeycombs as the most efficient way of filling a space with the least amount of material.

For walls, these acrylic tiles make for an attractive, art deco collage and can be applied widely for beautiful results. Ideal for the living room or bathroom, these are great for adding an element of flare.

For such a striking look, these tiles are very rewarding to install. At just a single millimeter in thickness, these tiles are thin, lightweight, and super easy to handle.

Manco Luella’s wall mirrors are made from premium PVC material. As well as a protective film, these tiles also come with a smooth surface making them easy to clean.

The back-adhesive can be fitted easily to walls and then removed without damaging the surface. Essential if you want to mix up your interior design every now and then.


  • Thin And Lightweight - These tiles are easy to handle and simple to install 

  • Easy To Reposition - The adhesive is gentle on the walls so the tiles can be rearranged 

  • Modern Look - As a collage, the sleek design will brighten up a room 


  • Attachable Adhesive Stickers - The set comes with stickers and you only need a couple for each mirror though that can be time consuming 


24 Pieces Removable Acrylic Mirror Setting Wall Sticker Geometric Greek Key Pattern DIY Mirror Stickers for Home Art Room Bedroom Background Decor (Gold, 24 Pieces)


Best For Making A Statement

If you’re looking to add some pop to your wall then go for gold with Shappy’s Geometric Greek Mirrors.

With a set of 24 acrylic pieces, these can be joined together to create an exquisite border or a statement display.

Should you want a touch of the Mediterranean in your home then these will add that striking Greek dimension.

The bright gold design also brings an exquisite touch of class to any room.

The instantly-recognizable, decorative Greek key design is made of odorless plastic with a reflective surface. Simply put, the mirror effect looks sublime with a fashionable gleam.

An adhesive back can be applied to clean, smooth surfaces like walls, windows, and doors. Measuring just 4.5 x 4 inches, you can also use them as a border to surround a mirror or across a wall.

These look great in living rooms, as a border in a bedroom, or as a reminder of summer in the kitchen. You can arrange them however you want, just set them out before applying.


  • Mirror Effect - Each piece has a mirror-like reflective surface
  • Decorative - These pieces can be lined up as a border or a huge display
  • Removable - Easy to stick then to remove without wall damage


  • Protective Film - The film needs to be peeled off for the mirror to become clear 


Q-BICS Flexible Mirror Sheets 6' X 9' Soft Non Glass Cut to Size Craft Plastic 3 Sheets Fun House 'PEEL OFF PROTECTIVE COVER SHEET' Peel Back Sticker And Stick No Glue

Best For Multiple Uses

Q-BICS’ Mirror Sheets are great for crafts or even as a temporary replacement for a broken mirror.

The most important feature is its versatility. Made from soft plastic sheets, the mirrors can bend and be cut into all kinds of shapes.

Let yourself go creative. If you know what design you want then simply cut them out, peel off the sticker, and place.

These are so easy to use, with a smooth surface that works well in many situations.

Think of those spots where a reflection would make the room look so much more spacious. Have you broken a mirror?

Keep the frame as you could also use the sheets as a dynamic, temporary alternative to a glass mirror.

Actually, you could use the mirror sheets in your bedroom, office, gym, or kitchen, anywhere you want to check yourself.

The mirror sheets also work well with paints, markers, and inks making them ideal for craft projects. The sheets are also ideal for teaching your child about symmetry and patterns.

Best of all, these plastic mirrors are flexible and unbreakable making them safe for youngsters to learn from.


  • Easily Cut With Scissors - The sheets can be cut into out all sorts of shapes 

  • Flexible - Bendy and with a smooth surface 

  • Child-Friendly - Useful in cards as well as crafts and art projects 

  • Smooth Surface - Adds a spectacular reflection in a room


  • Requires Perfectly Flat Surfaces - The sheets are flexible yet will distort on an uneven surface 


Removable Wall Sticker Decal Acrylic Mirror Setting for Home Living Room Bedroom Decor (2.5-13.5 cm, 48 Pieces)

Best For Decoration

Some rooms can just look so square. You may have a room with a wall that simply needs to look more fun.

Posters can be too specific and you already have enough photos of you and your loved ones.

To liven up that wall space you need a new dimension, a circular design. Not just one, but several of them.

Shappy’s set of 48 round peel and stick wall mirrors come in a range of six sizes leaving that empty space a blank canvas to your imagination.

From 5.3 inches down to just a single inch in diameter, you can get creative with an ornate design. If you want an imaginative, decorative look to your home then these are the wall mirrors for you.

The circular design brings an elegant, chic appearance to a room. Each size comes as a set of eight pieces so you can mix them up however you want.

Once you have decided on your overall design they’re so easy to install. Peel off the protective film and the reflective surface will bring in light and a sense of joy.

Such a playful design makes these ideal for decorating a living room, home office, hallway, and children’s playroom.


  • Dynamically Light-Reflective - Light moves creatively on a circular design 

  • Brighten Up Plain Walls - Round shapes can transform dull rooms into cute spaces 

  • Versatile - The smallest round shapes can fit into the larger circles and varying sizes mean you can spend time working out your favorite design


  • Time-Consuming Protective Film - The protective film on the smallest rings can be tricky to remove and may require tweezers 


PP OPOUNT 2360 Pieces Self - Adhesive Mirror Mosaic Sheets, 5 x 5 mm Silver Mirrors Mosaic Square Glass DIY Craft Decoration Interior Decorations, Card Making, Scrapbooking and Art Collage

Best For Collages 

A set of 2360 mosaic tile pieces really does give you options. From enhancing a mirror frame to decorating your bedroom.

Adding some sparkle with some left to spare for your next project. And what better way to add a touch of glamour to a party than by hanging up your own disco ball?

Ideal for craft projects, the tiles are arranged in easy-to-cut lines so you can measure them up against whatever innovative design you choose.

Each tile measures 5 x 5 millimeters and comes with its own self-adhesive backing. That gives you the versatility of arranging them individually however you want.

The tiles can also be cut as a block if you want to keep some order. The adhesive backing can also be applied onto glass as well as wall surfaces meaning you could create your own borders.

The mosaic tiles come in five sheets, each including 472 pieces. As a strip, the tiles could wrap around a cake for a stunning look or simply to enhance a shelf.

Used on a curved surface, the tiles can reflect light against different backgrounds. That’s best seen in a spectacular disco ball yet these tiles would elevate any room.

Don’t forget, these tiles are made of glass so the light will dance.


  • Superb For Interior Decoration - These bring a radiant finish to a room 

  • Fit To A Curved Surface - The tiles move easily and remain in place 

  • Beautiful Look - Creates a fashionable appearance in a display or to makeover an item such as a frame or dressing table.


  • Be Careful When Unpacking - These are small glass pieces so the edges may be a little sharp 

Buyer's Guide

The simple thought of putting up a mirror likely includes drilling holes and finding the right frame. Not all of us were blessed with DIY skills yet a mirror needs to be secure. The last thing you want is broken glass and bad luck.

Peel and stick wall mirrors offer a creative alternative to traditional glass mirrors. They can come in a variety of shapes and offer a range of features. As well as adding a chic touch to your room, they can also add a new dimension.

They don’t break easily and are safe to use. And yes, they will stay in place on smooth surfaces.

Peel And Stick Wall Mirror Features

By being available in smaller sizes than traditional sheet glass you can do more with peel and wall stick mirrors. Their versatility means you can arrange them in a design of your choice to fill a specific area or to enhance a particular item.

Peel and stick wall mirrors can also come in a variety of different shapes, colors, and materials. The tiles are also lightweight so, while the adhesive is reliable, they are easy to install and remove too.

Most of your time should be spent working out how your display is going to look as they are so simple to use. Many peel and stick wall mirrors also mimic the effects of glass; from light refraction to wipe clean surfaces.

How To Install Peel And Stick Wall Mirrors

You do not require installation skills to decorate your living space with peel and stick wall mirrors. The clue is in the title. With a self-adhesive back, these are easy and effortless to use on a clean, dry surface.

Simply decide where you want to apply the mirror, peel off the adhesive sticker and stick them on. Some peel and stick wall mirrors also come with a protective film which you can remove from the front.

Once you have the display you want, clean the surface of the mirror with a cloth. No need for grout or glue, you’re also saving yourself money on labor costs.

Types Of Peel And Stick Wall Mirrors

There are several different types of peel and stick wall mirrors.

  • Mirror sheets come in a rectangular shape and can be used as a temporary replacement to broken glass in a frame. They can also be cut into a variety of shapes.
  • Geometric patterns can include shapes such as hexagons, Greek keys, cobblestones and circles. These can be in a set of the same size or vary meaning you can arrange them as you wish.
  • Mosaic tiles are also in a rectangular shape yet their size and dimensions can vary. These tend to be smaller and come in rolls to be cut up into strips or used as individual pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Surfaces Can You Install Peel And Stick Wall Mirrors On?

As one of the features of their versatility, peel and stick wall mirrors can be applied to most smooth surfaces. Aside from walls, these include windows, doors, cupboards, and even glass.

Before applying, you should clean the surface with a cloth and ensure any bumps are removed. Due to the smooth surfaces of the wall mirror, even the slightest bump will create a distorted reflection.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Purchasing Peel And Stick Wall Mirrors?

Peel and stick wall mirrors are an affordable, temporary alternative to glass mirrors. They are also bendy, lightweight, and do not break easily. However, as most of the substances used are not glass the effects differ too.

For instance, the light refraction will look different to the natural way light works with glass. The smooth surface will also reflect light yet try not to rely on the reflection before you leave the house.

How Do You Frame A Mirror With Peel And Stick Tiles?

Firstly, choose the right sort of peel and stick tiles. For a frame you should consider the mosaic tiles as these can be used individually or used in blocks depending on the shape you wish to fill.

Measure your mirror and calculate how many tiles you will need to create a border. Some tiles can be cut accordingly so you may want to line out your tiles first.

Once you have worked out the border you should clean the surface and ensure it is smooth before applying your tiles.

Arrange your tiles in place and remove the self-adhesive stickers to fix them firmly in place. With your border in place, remove any protective film and give them a good clean until you can see your reflection.

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