3 Best Sage Green Paints

Sage is a popular colour for home decor right now.

It’s a rich, earthy tone, full of energy vibes, as the colour green invariably is. Yet it’s relaxing and peaceful, easy on the eyes.

It’s great for the kitchen, great for the garden and also for any area of the home where you just like to chill and relax.

For a home decor enthusiast like me, it’s a one-size-fits-all fix.

How do you decide on the best sage green paint to use?

Don’t worry, I have it all worked out. Just read on and find out…

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Ronseal Garden Paint Sage

  • If you’re painting your garden furniture and fences, this is the paint for you.
  • It can be painted onto almost any kind of surface, be it wood, stone, brick or terracotta.
  • You can even paint it on metal, although you might need to use a primer for that.
  • It’s so versatile and even makes my inexpert painting look pretty competent. 

Johnstone’s Wall & Ceiling Silk, Natural Sage

  • Ideal for your walls and ceilings, Wall and Ceiling Silk is a beautiful paint that rolls on smoothly.
  • The paint’s reflective qualities ensure that.
  • An enjoyable material to work with, you won’t regret investing in this.
  • Price wise it’s a little on the high side, but so worth it if you want to invest in really good paint.

Johnstone’s Interior Wood & Metal Quick Dry

  • If you need an interior paint that’s not for walls and ceilings, this is the one.
  • In a rich, natural sage colour, it beautifies your interiors almost effortlessly.
  • If you fancy a touch of green for those indoor cupboards, this is the paint you need to get.
  • It’s relatively inexpensive in comparison with other brands.
  • It’s quick-dry paint, so you won’t have to creep around the painted area for too long.
  • So grab yourself a can of this and start painting those kitchen or bathroom cupboards. Have fun!

    So, What Is The Best Paint In Sage Green Colour?

    I’ve shared my 3 best sage green paint recommendations.

    I’ve recommended indoor (walls and ceilings) paint, outdoor paint and interior wood and metal paint.

    You might like to know which one is my favourite?

    The three paints are for three different types of paint jobs.

    But if I was to think of suggesting a particular favourite, the garden paint would probably be the one

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    As a DIY enthusiast, I love to do my own painting.

    But painting in the garden is my favourite.

    Indoors, you have to keep the kids occupied and be meticulous about details. Garden painting is more like fun. That’s what does it for me.