How To Do A Cheap Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation

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Modern farmhouse-inspired kitchens and décor have recently become popular. The good news is you can get the best of your old kitchen just by updating it with affordable equipment and still retain your countertops or cabinets.

Farmhouse kitchens are often sophisticated and charming because of the past approach used during the building process.

The work required when undertaking this project is simple DIY, but you may need to make extra visits to the nearest flea market to get the right tools for the kitchen.

Here are unique ideas and tips you can use before renovating it to match your style and preference.

1) Remove cabinet doors from the shelves

Opting to remove cabinet doors will create open shelving, which is just the extra space you need. The other advantage of removing the cabinet doors is you get a laid-back kitchen décor which is exactly the replica of open shelving.

For your laid-back shelves, using matching ceramic plates, photos and plants will give it a bolder look and, at the same time, beautiful and cheap.

Installing open shelves is super easy and comes in handy, especially when looking for extra storage. Wood, brackets, and stud finder are the only things you need to install the shelves.

2) Use a tile backsplash for your walls

As much as you need your kitchen to be functional, it also needs a beautiful appearance. You might want to overlook this idea as it seems minute but remember, the small details are what make your kitchen look high-end.

3) Keep your utensils on display

The type of utensils you choose to display in the kitchen is essential. Wooden utensils are the go-to option for your farmhouse kitchen. Wooden utensils will give your kitchen a beautiful country appearance.

So, instead of hiding your utensils in cupboards and shelves, put them on display to match your style. For instance, put your wooden chopping boards standing against the wall in your kitchen.

4) Add a large table and a kitchen island

The kitchen island is one feature you should consider, especially if your kitchen is spacious enough.

Traditionally, a kitchen island is not a dominant feature in a farmhouse-style kitchen, but it brings a feeling of community and warmth to your kitchen.

The best thing about kitchen islands is that you get extra working space and storage for recipe books, vegetables, and wine. You can also use the extra space for breakfast or hang out with family and friends.

A large table is also another essential feature for your kitchen. The table should be wooden with more seats to accommodate large families.

5) Install a farmhouse sink

A farmhouse sink is another feature you should consider installing. This type of sink has recently become popular and used in the modern kitchen. This sink is versatile, and it is super wide and deep, just the right sink for multiple purposes.

This sink is heavy, and you should hire a professional to install it rather than doing it yourself. The wideness and depth of this sink mean it can hold several dishes.

6). Introduce transparent storage cans that have wooden cover

Having storage cans in your kitchen that are transparent is another way of renovating your favorite farmhouse kitchen cheaply. With these cans, you can store any of your preferred fried foodstuffs.

With such storage cans, you can see the kind of food you have; additionally, it turns your food to have that enhancing aspect and not something to hideaway.

With these cans, your food will not be prone to any spoilage as they have lids made from the acacia tree. They tightly cover your meals in a way that no air is allowed to enter in or leave outside the container.

7). Bring in wall mounted pot racks

By having the wall-mounted pot racks at your farmhouse kitchen, you will be solving the issue of utensils congestion. Mounted pot racks will have your kitchen space created and saved.

With these racks, you can hang all your pots and even pans as well.

Additionally, this idea will work on you if you have sets that correspond to each other. You don’t have to hang only pots and pans with these racks.

You can as well as hang anything that can consume your cooking space.


To any home, the kitchen has been the heart of everything. So if you are looking for ways that you can renovate your farmhouse kitchen on a low budget, use the following:

  • Remove cabinet doors from the shelves
  • Use a tile backsplash for your walls
  • Keep your utensils on display
  • Add a large table and a kitchen island
  • Install a farmhouse sink
  • Introduce transparent storage cans that have wooden cover
  • Introduce statement pendant lighting
  • Bring in wall mounted pot racks