How to Live a Chemical-Free Life

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Living chemical-free has a lot to do with what you eat to what to drink, and the environment you live in. Living a chemical-free life means that you eat natural foods and drink fresh and natural drinks free from any chemicals.

It also means that the products you apply to your skin are purely natural. A chemical-free life is simply about being watchful so that you can extend your life on earth.

At times, you may intend to live a chemical-free life, but it may turn out to be harder, you thought.

It is not a one-day decision. It would need time and good planning, especially if you lived differently.

Therefore, in this article, I will take you through some of the ways you can follow to live a chemical-free life.

How to Live a more Natural and Non-toxic Life

The joy of most individuals is to live free from lifestyle diseases and many other diseases resulting from the choices we make.

As a mother, it would be my utmost joy to see my family practice a healthy lifestyle when I am around and when I am not.

My husband tries as much as he to maintain a natural healthy routine, but as for my children, I would not say the same.

They still want to crave junk foods and they think that my insistence on eating healthy is a punishment to them.

Yet still, I make it my duty to ensure that when they are around, they maintain healthy living. Young children are more susceptible to chemicals because their immune systems are still weak.

That is why; I never make excuses when it comes to my children. I hope they will make sense out of my strict healthy and natural living one day.

1. Eat Organic Foods

Most people perceive that organic foods are more expensive than regular foods. Well, that is slightly true. Organic foods are very beneficial to your body compared to regular foods.

They have the correct nutrients that your body needs to sustain you. Most people will say that they never ate organic foods while growing up, but they turned out just fine.

However much they try to convince themselves, at some point, the consequences of what they used to consume in the previous year will catch up with them.

You can tell that certain foods are organic because, during the planting time, farmers refrain from using any form of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and chemicals, antibiotics, or growth hormones. These foods do not need artificial sweeteners, artificial flavorings, or artificial dyes.

If you are worried about where to get the organic foods from, there are currently numerous organic stores in groceries shops.

They have all that you are looking for at an affordable. Therefore, you have no excuse on why you cannot consume organic foods.

2. Avoid Using Pesticides

You may try your best to keep off all chemicals from your surroundings. However, if you have pesticides in your house, there are possibilities that they will find their way in. Spraying pesticides on grass is harmful since children love to play.

Children also like putting almost anything in their mouths and that is directly exposing them to toxic chemicals. If you do not take precautions in such matters, your efforts to eat organic foods will go down the drain.

It is easier to expose yourself to these pesticides as they get in the pouring system when we inhale the residue.

Additionally, it is important to note that pesticides can stay on the carpet for more than one year.

Therefore, to prevent all these, avoid using pesticides in fields and backyards. Instead, start using organic pesticides to kill all the lingering pests in your playing fields.

3. Clean all your Cleaning Products

It is ironic how the items you use for cleaning may be the leading cause of spreading health-impacting chemicals on surfaces around you.

They also pollute the air you breathe by spreading fumes. That is why it is important to clean all your learning products since your house contains minors who may not be aware of how dirty the cleaning products are unless you tell them.

To be on the safer side, consider switching your all-purpose sprays, glass cleaners, disinfectants, conventional cleaning products, and dish soaps. Opt for non-toxic products or go for DIY cleaners like vinegar and baking soda.

Be keen on laundry detergents and fabric softeners as they contain strong chemicals that you transfer from your clothes to your body. Instead of using these, go for more natural ones like natural laundry detergent and use wool dryer balls with essential oils in place of dryer sheets and softeners.

Living a chemical-free life is not as easy as you may think it is. Currently, if you choose a chemical-free lifestyle in this contemporary world, it will mean doing away with almost everything you own.

With each step you choose from the above article, know that you will be moving in the right direction towards a healthy and chemical-free life.