How Do You Use A Bullnose Trim Gauge?

Today I want to guide you on how to appropriately use your bullnose trim gauge.

A wonderful miraculous tool that graced us all home innovator lovers.

You will get to more about it and how to use it at home.

It could be essential to your needs.

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Step 1: Positioning the bullnose trim gauge on the wall

For you to gain the maximum results from it, you can start by placing it vertically at a 90-degree angle on the bullnose trim.

Make sure it’s pushed firmly on each side of the wall to get accurate measurements.

Step 2: Hold the bullnose trim gauge and get the measurements of the walls

Hold the tool in place with one hand and look out for the edges labeled “trim”.

By use of a pencil, you can then mark pointers right above the hole at the center.

Step 3: Us of a tape measure to get exact measurements of baseboards

Then by use of your measuring tape, you can place and find out the exact measurements of the adjacent walls within which the crown moldings or baseboards (are PVC any good?) will fit.

Step 4: Use of additional bullnose trim gauge tools

If you happen to have two of the bullnose trim gauge tools, you can place one at the corner and the other at the adjacent side of the wall.

Step 5: Screw a nail into hole of the bullnose trim gauge tool

Afterwards, you can screw a nail into the hole of the bullnose trim gauge tool that is at the corner.

Step 6 :Measure distance between the two bullnose trim gauge tools

From there you can place the measuring tape and you will measure the distance between the two tools.

The resulting measurement is ideal and accurate down to detail. This is the best option if you are alone and want to get the most accurate detail.

What is bullnose trim gauge?

To start, a bullnose trim gauge is a tool used for installing trim on rounded drywall corners using its combination of layout and measuring aids.

Users can use it to make vertical marks for endpoints of standard ¾ inch bullnose corner trim.

It’s the perfect tool for installing three-piece crown and base molding on walls with rounded corners.

Benefits of the bullnose trim gauge tools

The bullnose trim gauge has a wide range of benefits. These include:

  • It helps in laying out perfect lines for tight-fitting three-piece corners.
  • It’s a durable hard plastic that will last for a long period.
  • It also simplifies your trimming work and saves a lot of your time.
  • It can be used for a variety of uses i.e, making a mark for crown moldings, chair rail, and baseboard installation (check the essential baseboard tools here).